A Year After January 6, What Did We Learn?

The real Person of the Year from 2021, Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman, here luring violent cretins away from the Senate chamber.

Last year at this time, I remember reading an online argument in an article comment section where some people were finger-wagging at those of us who were deeply concerned about the January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally. They won’t be violent, they said, and us claiming that they could be violent was demonizing and divisive at a time when we need to be united.

Spoiler alert: They were violent. It is not clear how many people died from the attack on the Capitol, but some put it at nine, including post-event suicides by police. There was significant damage as well.

Immediately after the attack, a lot of Republicans seemed shocked and issued statements condemning the attack. Our New Friend Charlie Sykes lists them here.

Sykes also mentions the evolution of those Republicans from grim acknowledgment to “lol it wasn’t that bad” or even full-throated support. The horrors of the day became nothing more than a “typical tourist visit.” The Wall Street Journal went from “Trump is finished” to this abomination that lectures us that the republic was simply never in danger, my good friend, that is just so silly to think because the libs run everything.

Leave it to conservatives to turn a violent attack on our very system of government into an opportunity to whine about how those mean liberals control the whole wide world. Cancel culture!

Speaking of that, the Reasoned Middle had a moment that day as well. Good examples are individuals like Snooty Smug Guy Thomas Chatterton-Williams and Cancel Culture Grifter Bari Weiss, who were super-focused on the Portland protests and how seriously dangerous people who protest for human rights are to this country. So focused they were Tweeting about how awful liberal protestors are right up to about the middle of that awful afternoon.

Also, there are a lot of unanswered questions. Among those is the question as to who planted the pipe bombs near the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee headquarters. There are plenty of videos out there, including those that show the person’s rather odd style of walking, but whoever this person is, they remain at large.

In addition, the mystery of what happened with Squad Member and Target of Conservatives Ayanna Pressley’s office panic buttons remains open.

Then there’s the question of whether right-wing Congresscritters gave some insurrectionists tours of the Capitol prior to January 6. This is not some crazy lefty conspiracy theory, dozens of Democratic House members wrote a letter demanding that there be an investigation into this. So far, not a whole lot on that particular front. However, that leads to another question: Is there anything to the reports that the FBI found proof of cellphone contact between insurrectionists and GOP Congresscreatures?

There is also the giant orange gorilla in the room; whether or notTrump was in on it. It does seem clear that at the very least, Trump wasn’t interested in stopping it, despite people like Professional Hack Sean Hannity panicking that day and trying to get Trump to stop his monsters.

I was skeptical that the January 6 Commission would be anything more than another Mueller Report-level disappointment as far as answering these questions, but there does seem to be a lot of movement there lately, and Trump seems worried about it. The guy seems rather agitated when he released his more recent crazy-guy statements, and he canceled today’s big Trumpy press conference. However, I do also agree with First Draft’s Michael F here.

There is also word that the commission is considering televising the hearings. Such a move would certainly help to cut through the flood of misinformation that’s out there. I doubt it changes the minds of the true believers of Trump, but it could help at least get it through some apathetic American heads how serious the day’s events were.

That’s important because we have no guarantees this was a one-time event. In fact, the alarm bells about the danger our democracy faces continue to be rung by people who pay a lot of attention to these things. However, there are people who still, even after what happened, still refuse to see it – chief among these are the “Reasoned Centrists.”

This is how this particular type of “middle-of-the-road” person evolved since 2015:

– America can’t possibly elect Trump

– Trump won due to EcOnOMiC AnXIETy

– The gravity of the office will change Trump

– “Tonight Trump became president” about 20 times

– “Both sides are just as bad”

– Trump will leave quietly

– Trump supporters won’t be violent.

– Fears about the Jan. 6 rally are overblown.

– Losing the election will end the Trump movement.

This leads us to this nonsense:

No description available.

I guess Don’t Look Up had a point.

The last word goes not to a musician this time, but to a real American hero, Eugene Goodman. Goodman is the Capitol Police officer who no doubt saved the lives of a number of people, including Congresspeople, when he lured the insurrectionists away from the Senate chambers. God knows what would have happened if it weren’t for this clever, brave man. Here is an interview with him.