Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with Random Ruminations – more COVID crapola

(written at the first months of the pandemic) All over social media, I see people saying things like: “You should be more respectful of the dead” whenever the subject of Herman Cain’s suicide – um, death comes up. No. I’m respectful of service members who gave their lives for their country. I’m respectful of First Responders who died while trying to save others. I don’t have to be respectful of morons who willfully caused their own deaths. Herman Cain and other deniers/anti-science idiots like him who loudly told everyone that the trucks zooming down the highway weren’t real, and stepped … Continue reading Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with Random Ruminations – more COVID crapola

Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Twilight Zone edition

Ok people – I have some older stuff bookmarked that I need to get to, and some of it’s pretty weird :

First up – champing at the bitch!

Trump Fans Excited To Vote For The Guy Who Fast-Tracked Vaccines And Hired Fauci
Babylon Bee ^ | 1/18/22

Posted on 1/18/2022, 6:35:41 PM by Pollard

U.S.—Fans of former president Donald J. Trump are chomping at the bit to once again vote for the guy who fast-tracked vaccines and appointed Dr. Anthony Fauci to the Coronavirus Task Force.

“Trump was by far our greatest president. Even better than James Madison!” said local deplorable Nathan Nebulous. “Everything was great under Trump until that deadly virus changed the face of the entire earth overnight and ruined everything. But he was so good at owning the libs!”

Sean Hannity, a popular conservative pundit, announced his continued support of Trump on his radio program. “Sure, the vaccines don’t seem to help at all and Fauci may have created COVID himself, but nobody’s perfect. Don’t lose sight of how great his Twitter account was before he got banned.”


Ouch (and don’t shoot the messenger)
1 posted on 1/18/2022, 6:35:41 PM by Pollard
If you’re not familiar with it, the “Babylon Bee” is the right wing’s attempt at a funny news blog. Usually, it’s as ham-handedly unfunny as most right wing attempts at humour, but this time, the stopped clock has the time of day perfect.
To: Pollard

And those great supreme court justices, and “all this winning,”

2 posted on 1/18/2022, 6:36:54 PM by Luke21

To: Pollard

Ouch because it’s pretty accurate.

9 posted on 1/18/2022, 6:42:30 PM by livius

To: Pollard

Double triple ouch!

11 posted on 1/18/2022, 6:43:07 PM by dforest (Freaking insane world. )

There’s a couple of disgruntled Freepers :
To: Pollard

Did someone hack Babylon Bee? Not funny.

35 posted on 1/18/2022, 7:22:34 PM by McGruff (Trump/DeSantis 2024)

To: Pollard

Did Matt Drudge take over the Babylon Bee?


10 posted on 1/18/2022, 6:42:54 PM by bramps (It’s the Islam, stupid!)

But in the end….
To: Luke21

So much truth in humor.

27 posted on 1/18/2022, 7:07:30 PM by wgmalabama (We will find out if the Vac or virus risk was the correct choice – can we put truth above narrative)

More weirdness at the “continue reading” –

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Today on Tommy T’s random ruminations – “You’re in bad hands with Failstate” edition

I keep wondering what the medical insurance companies (no, not Medicare) are going to do about the mounting thousands of claims for ICU treatment for COVID-19 infection cases. It’s gotta be wrecking them.   So what are going to do? Charge the patients instead? At $78,000 average (patients aged 21 to 40 paid the most for these longer hospitalizations, on average paying $980,821. The over 60 age group paid the least – about $460,989). , that would just amount to a lot of personal medical bankruptcies.   If the insurance companies have to eat the cost, that’s going to be … Continue reading Today on Tommy T’s random ruminations – “You’re in bad hands with Failstate” edition

Postcard From Sonoma 2

It’s been a few weeks since I last sent you a postcard from my hometown. In those few weeks a lot has changed. Saturday morning, I went out for a walk in the bright sunshine and 65 degree weather. The sky was cloudless and clear, the kind of light that glistens off every tree and accents every birds’ tweet. Though still technically weeks away, it truly felt like spring. If spring is rebirth, it almost felt like a rebirth of my little town. Sonoma Valley High School, home of the Dragons and recently converted into a vaccine distribution center, had … Continue reading Postcard From Sonoma 2