Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Twilight Zone edition

Ok people – I have some older stuff bookmarked that I need to get to, and some of it’s pretty weird :

First up – champing at the bitch!

Trump Fans Excited To Vote For The Guy Who Fast-Tracked Vaccines And Hired Fauci
Babylon Bee ^ | 1/18/22

Posted on 1/18/2022, 6:35:41 PM by Pollard

U.S.—Fans of former president Donald J. Trump are chomping at the bit to once again vote for the guy who fast-tracked vaccines and appointed Dr. Anthony Fauci to the Coronavirus Task Force.

“Trump was by far our greatest president. Even better than James Madison!” said local deplorable Nathan Nebulous. “Everything was great under Trump until that deadly virus changed the face of the entire earth overnight and ruined everything. But he was so good at owning the libs!”

Sean Hannity, a popular conservative pundit, announced his continued support of Trump on his radio program. “Sure, the vaccines don’t seem to help at all and Fauci may have created COVID himself, but nobody’s perfect. Don’t lose sight of how great his Twitter account was before he got banned.”


Ouch (and don’t shoot the messenger)
1 posted on 1/18/2022, 6:35:41 PM by Pollard
If you’re not familiar with it, the “Babylon Bee” is the right wing’s attempt at a funny news blog. Usually, it’s as ham-handedly unfunny as most right wing attempts at humour, but this time, the stopped clock has the time of day perfect.
To: Pollard

And those great supreme court justices, and “all this winning,”

2 posted on 1/18/2022, 6:36:54 PM by Luke21

To: Pollard

Ouch because it’s pretty accurate.

9 posted on 1/18/2022, 6:42:30 PM by livius

To: Pollard

Double triple ouch!

11 posted on 1/18/2022, 6:43:07 PM by dforest (Freaking insane world. )

There’s a couple of disgruntled Freepers :
To: Pollard

Did someone hack Babylon Bee? Not funny.

35 posted on 1/18/2022, 7:22:34 PM by McGruff (Trump/DeSantis 2024)

To: Pollard

Did Matt Drudge take over the Babylon Bee?


10 posted on 1/18/2022, 6:42:54 PM by bramps (It’s the Islam, stupid!)

But in the end….
To: Luke21

So much truth in humor.

27 posted on 1/18/2022, 7:07:30 PM by wgmalabama (We will find out if the Vac or virus risk was the correct choice – can we put truth above narrative)

More weirdness at the “continue reading” –

Next, it’s – Put down the crack pipe, Steve!

Joe Biden Will Be Impeached in November, Steve Bannon Says

Newsweek ^ | 1/24/22 | ISABEL VAN BRUGEN Posted on 1/26/2022, 8:39:44 PM by conservative98

Steve Bannon, ex-adviser to Donald Trump, has claimed that President Joe Biden will be impeached in November over his administration’s handling of the U.S.-Mexico border.

“You have stood down ICE and you’ve stood down Border Patrol, and guess what? That’s the impeachment hearing I want to hear,” Bannon, the former White House chief strategist under former President Donald Trump, said during a recent episode of his War Room: Pandemic podcast.

“You’re going to sit there for day after day and week after week and we’re going to bring the witnesses,” Bannon continued, in an attack that appeared to be aimed at the president. “We’re going to bring the witnesses of what you did to this country and what you did on the southern border.”


“Preserve your documents because after impeachment, they’re going to put you up on criminal charges. Criminal charges for allowing this country to be invaded by your actions,” Bannon said.

Ok, that’s funny right there, in light of The Darnold’s eating and flushing of classified documents.


Freepers – does this raise your crushed spirits and give you hope?


To: conservative98

Put down the crack pipe Steve.

11 posted on 1/26/2022, 8:51:34 PM by ETCM

I’ll take that as a “No”.
To: conservative98

Utter rubbish and not worth the time to read. Crackpots like this are what give conservatives a bad name.

35 posted on 1/26/2022, 9:40:09 PM by AlaskaErik (In time of peace, prepare for war.)

And as Stevie three-shirts sinks slowly into the west, there’s – He was a real trooper!

Washington trooper who defied state vaccine mandate and told gov to ‘kiss my a–‘ dies from COVID-19 NY Post ^ | 1/29/22 | Kyle Morris Posted on 1/29/2022, 6:44:09 AM by Callahan

A Washington State Patrol officer who defied a statewide vaccine mandate and signed off for the last time by telling Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee to “kiss my a–” is dead from COVID-19.

Former Trooper Robert LaMay, 51, who served 22 years with the State Patrol and retired last October, died on Friday.

LaMay garnered attention from Americans across the country after he signed off for the last time as an officer and told Washington Gov. Jay Inslee he “can kiss my a–” over forced vaccine mandates.

Following LaMay’s death, Washington State Patrol Chief John R. Batiste released a statement praising him for his service, which Batiste said “will be long remembered and appreciated.”

1 posted on 1/29/2022, 6:44:09 AM by Callahan
You know, once in a while when I see a thread on FR that I think might generate some Mad Mod post removal, I copy the whole thing instead of just the thread link.
This was one of those times.
Comment #4 Removed by Moderator
Ah – but I wave my magic un-removal wand and…..

Ha ha.


He deserved the Darwin Award.

4 posted on 1/29/2022, 6:48:32 AM by Reaganez

Of course, it’s never too late for tinfoil hat conspiracy theories :
To: Callahan

Weird how so many people have died from Covid AFTER not vaxxing…hmmmmmmm….almost like someone gave them COVID on purpose.

30 posted by Ann Archy (Abortion……. The HUMAN Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.)

Well, they gave themselves COVID on purpose by refusing the vaccination against it, so there’s that…
To: Callahan

I believe this person and other outspoken unvaccinated people are targeted with the virus or not given life saving treatment in the hospitals. What an evil world we live in.

45 posted on 1/29/2022, 7:31:03 AM by stars & stripes forever ( Blessed is the nation whose GOD is the LORD. ~ Psalm 33:12)

To: DoodleDawg
It does seem odd that people who actively speak out against covid-19 shots keep dying.(yes I know they are not vaxxed.)
It is starting to look like the old nail whose head is sticking up syndrome.
Also, only Rs seem to be dying with this disease. Very few Ds are I note.

Duh, motherfucker. I wonder why that might possibly be.

(Conspiracy rant off.)

119 posted on 1/29/2022, 9:00:38 AM by themidnightskulker (And then the thread dies… peacefully, in it’s(sic) sleep….)


Tommy T out.
See you good people next Monday!

6 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Twilight Zone edition

  1. There’s a conspiracy afoot, it’s true!
    …all those R-MAGAt anti-vaxxers dying of COVID?
    It’s part of the plan to kill off Dems by having them OD on schadenfreude.

    They just need to amp it up some more, maybe by consuming horse-paste with a ‘sucking on a bullet’ chaser.

    Not sure I could take it if they did that. But I’ll try.

    1. “It’s part of the plan to kill off Dems by having them OD on schadenfreude” I think you might have something there.

  2. “Weird how so many people have died from Covid AFTER not vaxxing…hmmmmmmm….”
    Weird how many people who play with n traffic get run over by a car after not moving…hmmmmmmm…

  3. Darwin Awards are mainly reserved for people who remove themselves from the gene pool before reproducing. But fear not, he still gets his Herman Cain Award.

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