Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “guess the site” edition

I’m not going to touch on the murders committed in my city, since I need some detachment that is just not showing up yet.  Maybe later this week, if Ms. A approves.

It’s just too soon to do anything but grieve.

Since the funny has eluded me so far, let’s do something different.

It’s time to play:

“Free Republic? Or Bernie Sanders Reddit?”

  1. Shut the government DOWN!
  2. Did Comey “punt” to Lynch to avoid political retribution?
  3. Comey is a LIAR!!!!!!
  4. More important than the indictment is this – Hillary was just caught lying, to the public and voters, over 6 times
  5. yes Hillary had “intent” to break the law every step of the way
  6. What I still don’t get is whether or not she meant to leak classified info she still DID! She keeps calling it a mistake.
  7. The entire circumstances point to someone who broke the law and hid the evidence.
  8. Do you guys still think that nobody needs an AR-15, or wonder why these people are trying so hard to take them away from us?
  9. It’s not the email account, it’s the SERVERS, YOU JACKASS!!!
  10. So is anyone else just screaming BULLSHIT at the top of their lungs?!
  11. So disgusted right now. He basically said, “We have to give her a pass we’d never give to people not named Clinton.”
  12. I agree – the lying criminal would be very distressed by losing the election. Unfortunately the fix is in and they are not going to let her lose.
  13. Just because there is no indictment, does not mean there should be no punishment. Comey very specifically pointed out, several times, that this did NOT mean Clinton was innocent. She was just not guilty of a crime.
  14. The Uni-Party strikes again!
  15. Hillary supporters don’t CARE that she’s a ruthless liar. She could rape and eat babies on the street corner and her sociopathic supporters would still wave the banner cause they have NO moral compass.

Answers below the fold..

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Adrian Peterson did not spank his son, he beat him

My long-time readers know that I never moralize or tell people how to run their lives. I never use the M word in either written or verbal discourse. I am not a fan of corporal punishment, especially when it’s done in anger, but I don’t think people who spank their children should be imprisoned or ostracized. Adrian Peterson did not spank his 4 year old, he beat him. The term child abuse is too generic and polite for this situation, this NFL superstar is a child beater. The word switch is also too polite: he beat his 4 year old son with a stick.

Adrian Peterson is a hall of fame caliber running back and a world class louse. He should be ostracized, but he’s too big of a star for the NFL to act swiftly and decisively.  So much for the hanging judge Commissioner. I’ll write more about Goodell, Ray Rice, and domestic battery in an upcoming malaka of the week post.

Keith Olbermann did a classic rant on this topic yesterday. If you haven’t seen it, please do so now. I’ll resume my own rant after the videos and the break:

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