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Boardwalk Empire Thread: Van Weirdo, R.I.P.

BE Devil You Know

I didn’t get the memo about the final season of Boardwalk Empire being only 8 episodes. I learned it *after* the dramatic events of last night and now I understand why they put the pedal to the medal.

I tried to resist using this post title but I could not. Van Weirdo has been living on doomed turncoat copper/gangster borrowed time since season-2 but I won’t go into the *other* big event of Devil You Know until after the break.

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Boardwalk Empire Thread: King Of Norway

Eli and Van Weirdo

It’s hard being a Thompson brother. Nucky used to be King of Atlantic City and now Luciano wants him dead. Nucky survives the second attempt, Joe Maranzano is not as lucky as Nucky. In Chicago, Eli’s life has become a self-described “fucking shipwreck.” He’s so far gone that he doesn’t recall diddling Mrs. Van Weirdo on her kitchen chair until he sees a picture of the King of Norway on the wall. In the immortal words of Van Weirdo, “land ho.”

Now that I’ve thoroughly bummed you out, it’s time for me to natter on whilst pretending to have organized my thoughts. I am, however, sufficiently organized to insert a break without seeing King Haakon VII on the wall; the sighting that gave the episode its title. I promise not to make too many puns on his name, nobody wants to hear a blogger haakon a lugee…

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