Veepstakes, low stakes

Last week when the Romney camp’s tax and Bain meltdown was building, Matt Drudge tried to help his pals in Mittland by posting a rumor about Condoleeza Rice as the Mittbot’s running mate. It was a pure D bullshit attempt to distract the MSM by dangling a bright and shiny bauble in front of them. It didn’t work because Condi is *so* unlikely to run for office, especially since she’s rumored to be moderate on most social issues, and because the Romney meltdown was so much more entertaining for all concerned. It, however, could have worked because the press loves … Continue reading Veepstakes, low stakes

Grover Hearts PBJ

Professional GOP dicksmack Grover Norquist has come out for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as Mitt Haircut’s running mate. He posted a love letter to PBJ at Politico: Romney would do well to have a wing man who can astutely explain the flaws in President Barack Obama’s policies and lay out the GOP’s innovative, pro-growth alternatives. There are many attractive prospects out there, but Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal can do not just all that, he has already implemented the sort of bold reforms at the state level that are now desperately needed at the federal level. Bold? PBJ? His “reforms” have … Continue reading Grover Hearts PBJ