Grover Hearts PBJ

Professional GOP dicksmack Grover Norquist has come out for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as Mitt Haircut’s running mate. He posted a love letter to PBJ at Politico:

Romney would do well to have a wing man who can astutely explain the flaws in President Barack Obama’s policies and lay out the GOP’s innovative, pro-growth alternatives. There are many attractive prospects out there, but Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal can do not just all that, he has already implemented the sort of bold reforms at the state level that are now desperately needed at the federal level.

Bold? PBJ? His “reforms” have consisted of an attempt to raid the state employees retirement fund so he can rigidly oppose all tax hikes and a successful effort to voucherize and charterize public education. He’s also presiding over a $220 million budget shortfall, which will be resolved either by the use of one time revenue sources or savaging higher education and health care. I guess this qualifies as “bold” in Groverworld. In the real world, PBJ forever extends a finger to see which way the wind is blowing and follows the prevailing breeze.

Romney’s minions have leaked that they may pick a “boring white guy” who will not overshadow Mitt the stiff. PBJ may have a shot: he’s a boring brown guy…

Finally, I praised the Picayune this morning. It’s time to whap them upside the head. Their political coverage showed its typical pro-GOP bias in reporting this story. The headline was “Anti-tax crusader says Jindal would make great vice presidential candidate.”

Crusader? Really? Now that I think of it, the crusaders did rape, loot and pillage, which is what Grover and his ilk have done to the country…

6 thoughts on “Grover Hearts PBJ

  1. “Boring brown guy” puts it pretty right. LA, I’m sure, would love to get rid of him, but what would you get in return, and in the worst case possibly imaginable, what would the rest of us get? An asshole plunderer, and a dipshit like Jindal. Oremus…

  2. A tough call, but I’m inclined to agree with you, Adrastos, even as I watch this season’s legislative train wreck with more than a passing interest.

  3. I’d gladly give Jindal to the Mittster, but maybe they should check his birth certificate first.
    Is it irresponsible to wonder aloud if Boy-Genius Bobby was born in Bangalore?
    It would be irresponsible not to!

  4. I’m in my mid 50s. I count myself as far above the USA average when it comes to a working knowledge of civics. Yet I am STILL TOTALLY BAFFLED at how someone comes to national attention in our 2 party system.
    Case in point this time is Jindall. Other than delivering a seriously bad rebuttal to a presidential speech, what has he done?
    How did Newt rise to the top and then fall faster than a heroine in an Opera?

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