Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Plague On Humanity edition

Morning everyone – of course, I’m referring to Republicans, but living in Ebola Ground Zero Dallas, I just had to see what the Freeperati had to say about this whole thing.

I’d like to say I wasn’t disappointed, but that’s hard to quantize.


Health officials tracing Dallas Ebola patient’s path (Dallas ambulance was in use 2 more days)
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram ^ | September 30, 2014 | Judy Wiley and Monica Nagy

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A man in a Dallas hospital has Ebola, the first human case of the deadly virus diagnosed in the United States, doctors at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.

The patient, who is in an isolation unit at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, did not develop symptoms until four days after he arrived from West Africa, officials said at a hastily called press conference at the CDC’s headquarters in Atlanta.

“He was checked for fever before getting on the flight,” said CDC Director Thomas Frieden. “There is no reason to believe anyone on the flight was at risk.”

The Ebola virus is not spread through the air, but through contact with bodily fluids of victims — sweat, blood, saliva and other secretions.

The patient, whom officials would not identify, flew to the United States on Sept. 20, and began feeling ill on Sept. 24, Frieden said.

He sought care at the Dallas hospital on Friday and was sent home with antibiotics, Dr. Edward Goodman of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital said at a separate press conference in Dallas. Goodman said the hospital is looking into why the patient was discharged….

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What response is 2ndDivisionVet going to get?

Some doomsday prepper “I told you so”s?  A rational discussion of how Ebola is transmitted? Some revealing survival stats?

To: 2ndDivisionVet
The corrupt hussien regime is doing all it can to destroy the Texas economy. The Ebola outbreak in Dallas will mean that businesses will be reluctant to expand their numerous corporate headquarters located in the area. The vendors who work the Great State Fair will see their profits vanish due to the sparse crowds. Even Jerry Jones, while not beloved by many, will suffer since games will be canceled at AT&T Stadium. Yes, this is the October surprise orchestrated by the DemonRAT party.Plausible? Yes, I think so. The hussein/holder/jarrett trio hate the Christian Conservative values of Texas and this is their way to inflict a horrific punishment on the people of the Lone Star State.
6 posted on 10‎/‎1‎/‎2014‎ ‎1‎:‎22‎:‎20‎ ‎AM by re_nortex (DP – that’s what I like about Texas)
To: re_nortex
The corrupt hussien regime is doing all it can to destroy the Texas economy. You think this is going to stay in Texas?
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Certainly at least one Freeper has something intelligent to say?
To: 2ndDivisionVet

The entire ebola false flag is a CIA – new world order sponsored false attack.

If it was real it would not be receiving THIS much attention in press.



Drudge is filled with it,

I would have said “full of it”, but to each his own.

top line links.

The propaganda machine spins away…

Give up your guns, rely on the government, you need the government, you’re helpless, the boogie man is coming for you, give the government the power to have military-enforced lockdowns – it’s for “homeland security” ! See, there were zombies on TV the past couple years – now it’s coming true in real life ! You need the government to save you !

What crap.

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Come on – you can’t ALL be this bugfuck nuts?
To: Darksheare

Could Obamao be tacitly using germ warfare against his state political rivals?

Interesting question. But even this, if proven, wouldn’t motivate our treasonous “R” congress to impeach him.

48 posted on 10‎/‎1‎/‎2014‎ ‎5‎:‎26‎:‎14‎ ‎AM by fwdude (The last time the GOP ran an “extremist,” Reagan won 44 states.)

More after the False Flag…

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