Friday Ferretblogging: This one’s for A

She always finds a way to turn lemons into a reason to help other people, as witnessed by the food drive. I figured she deserved something for herself, so I headed to the local pet store and shot this. Pay particular attention to the fat one near the end who gets his head stuck in a plastic toy and decides to try to get out of there by beating his head into the floor. Love you, Chief. Continue reading Friday Ferretblogging: This one’s for A

Ferretblogging: The End

Our sweet Claire. I keep checking the cage because somebody’s got to be in it. Sixteen years ago we bought a scratching, clawing, angry baby ferret home from a pet store and named him Fox. Fox in Socks, because he was a light tan color with very dark brown feet. Fox bit us and shit under our couch and used to steal one of every pair of my shoes and hide it just as I was trying not to be late for work, so about a year into keeping him as a pampered housepet we went to a shelter and … Continue reading Ferretblogging: The End

Friday Ferretblogging: Claire’s Gaining

Weight, that is. I went to the vet this week expecting bad news: she’s been super-lazy, is blowing her summer coat early, and generally seemed pretty out of it the last few days. I thought for sure the meds weren’t working. Turns out her blood sugar is back up to reasonable levels and she’s put on a couple of ounces! For an animal that at her fattest, fuzziest-caterpiller-est stage was 1.5 pounds, that’s a big gain. Extra scritches for the mini-pet! A. Continue reading Friday Ferretblogging: Claire’s Gaining

Friday Ferretblogging: Wakey Wakey Edition

Claire spends most of her time passed out in this little quilt tube she has. We went to the vet this week to check on her cancer, and though she’s no worse, the meds aren’t helping as much as they should. As long as she’s still popping out like this to play a bit, the vet said, there’s nothing to worry about. Still, somebody’s been getting some extra treats and skritches these past few days. A. Continue reading Friday Ferretblogging: Wakey Wakey Edition

Friday Ferretblogging: Cruising with Ferrets!

I would totally have brought Bucky and Chicken along on a cruise if I could have:  In other SeaTrade news: ▪ Regent Seven Seas announced that its new ship, the Seven Seas Navigator, will feature in-suite spas when it sets sail in July. ▪ Scenic, an Australian-based tour operator that owns two river cruising brands, Scenic and Emerald Waterways, is introducing a 228-passenger polar-class megayacht, Eclipse, due in 2018. The all-suite, all-balcony ship will feature butler service, two helicopters and a submarine. It will sail in polar regions with 200 passengers and in other regions. ▪ And for travelers who find cruising with … Continue reading Friday Ferretblogging: Cruising with Ferrets!

Friday Ferretblogging: A Ferret Super PAC

Now that’s a use of Citizens United I can get behind:  Like many ferret owners whose malfeasance gets reported to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Wright says he’s paid a high price for his pets. He’s served 17 days in a maximum security prison, performed 300 hours of community service, and shouldered civil lawsuits, all because he refuses to quit his decades-long crusade to grant ferrets the same legal standing as dogs and housecats. California ferret lovers circulated a petition to qualify ferret legalization for the 2016 ballot, but with only 10,000 signatures gathered, they fell far short of … Continue reading Friday Ferretblogging: A Ferret Super PAC

Friday Ferretblogging: Guest Ferret Edition

This is Fat Boy. Fat Boy is huge. Fat Boy is the size of our late great Joey, which is to say that he resembles a small cat and is twice as plushy. Too plushy for me to stuff into my pocket and steal from the shelter the last time I was there, unfortunately. Fat Boy and the nearly 100 friends he has at the Greater Chicago Ferret Association always appreciate gifts, if you enjoy his fluffy face and tiny little manicure. And if 2016 is the year you stop ogling ferrets on the Internet and make your life chaotic and awesome … Continue reading Friday Ferretblogging: Guest Ferret Edition

Friday Ferretblogging: Too Much Excitement Edition

Claire’s done. This week she had to endure people painting the room in which she’s usually housed, which means for a while she was in the middle of the dining room THE HORROR and for a while she got her exercise only on her leash as there was plastering work going on down the hall too, and then the tiny human, who had been gone while all this was happening, came home and wanted to HOLD CLAIRE and FEED CLAIRE and PET CLAIRE and HER GO ON THE GROUND? and all kinds of undignified nonsense. She thinks she will sleep … Continue reading Friday Ferretblogging: Too Much Excitement Edition

Friday Kick & Claireblogging

Kick and Claire have never had much of a relationship, though they had a lot in common: Sleeping most of the day, noisemaking most of the night, creating messes, and expressing profound disinterest in anyone that wasn’t feeding them. You’d think they’d have been soulmates, but mostly they ignored each other. Until recently. Kick has decided Claire should spend her mornings with us in our living room, a wish she expresses by pointing at the cage and yelling “LIVIN’ ROOM” at the top of her tiny lungs until breakfast is over and the ferret is permitted some roaming time, carefully supervised … Continue reading Friday Kick & Claireblogging

Friday Ferretblogging: Ferrets Are Responsible for All Good Things

Thanks, ferrets!  One day in 1930, 16-year-old Boyce Lane was out indulging in a favourite pastime — rabbit hunting. The Tantanoola teenager was wandering around a local spot known as Hanging Rocks and was calling for his ferret, which had disappeared chasing a rabbit down a small hole in the cliffs. After some time, Boyce went home and grabbed a torch and his brother, and returned to the small opening with the intention of retrieving his wayward pet. Mount Gambier newspaper the Border Watch reported at the time that the teenagers squeezed through the small hole, shone their flashlight about … Continue reading Friday Ferretblogging: Ferrets Are Responsible for All Good Things