4 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Shelter Edition

  1. A, I know you probably have done a post or 2 about Ferrets as pets, but would you post (re-post) some info about this.? I’m sorry, I just came on board with the “First Draft” train a few months ago. I am intrigued when you post about your “guys/gals”. They are sooo adorable, but, I feel there might be lots of do’s/don’t’s as “human parents”. I have a 7 yr. old cat. Only pet.
    Thanks… No Rush, whenever………………..

    1. They do okay with cats, depending on the cat. They’re kind of like kittens that never really grow up or puppies. They can be litter trained, but ours were only ever 90 percent there most of the time, and their lifespan is short, 7-9 years. They get into EVERYTHING. They’re very, very playful and very, very affectionate, though. If you have a ferret shelter or rescue near you, they’ll often let you come in and interact with some for a while, so that you see them in action.

      This is a state-by-state directory:


      Any other questions, let me know!


      1. THANKS, Allison!! I have made a note of this site. You gave me some valuable info to start!!!!!

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