Friday Ferretblogging: Shelter Edition

I have a few Fridays off coming up, and I’m spending the mornings at the ferret shelter, so you know what that means? YOU GET SOME STUFFIES:



4 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Shelter Edition

  1. OMGs I miss my ferrets SO much!


  2. cat copeland says:

    A, I know you probably have done a post or 2 about Ferrets as pets, but would you post (re-post) some info about this.? I’m sorry, I just came on board with the “First Draft” train a few months ago. I am intrigued when you post about your “guys/gals”. They are sooo adorable, but, I feel there might be lots of do’s/don’t’s as “human parents”. I have a 7 yr. old cat. Only pet.
    Thanks… No Rush, whenever………………..


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