Friday Ferretblogging: A Ferret Super PAC

Now that’s a use of Citizens United I can get behind: 

Like many ferret owners whose malfeasance gets reported to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Wright says he’s paid a high price for his pets. He’s served 17 days in a maximum security prison, performed 300 hours of community service, and shouldered civil lawsuits, all because he refuses to quit his decades-long crusade to grant ferrets the same legal standing as dogs and housecats.

California ferret lovers circulated a petition to qualify ferret legalization for the 2016 ballot, but with only 10,000 signatures gathered, they fell far short of the 365,880 required. Their next move, Wright says, is to form a Super PAC of ferret lobbyists, and recruit politicians sympathetic to their cause. (So far, nobody has endorsed them.)

Get on it!


3 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: A Ferret Super PAC

  1. If ferrets are ever allowed as pets in CA, I might keep one. I do not like cats or dogs, but smaller critters like rats and mice. Rabbits are nice too. It takes a lot of money to get a proposition onto the ballot. There is a proposition pending circulation right now that if passed would allow future propositions to collect their signatures online. It might behoove the pro-ferret lobby to rally around that proposition if it looks like it will garner enough signatures. It will be easier and cheaper to get a proposition onto the ballot of all that is required is a concerted Facebook campaign.

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