Friday Ferretblogging: Ferrets Are Responsible for All Good Things

Thanks, ferrets! 

One day in 1930, 16-year-old Boyce Lane was out indulging in a favourite pastime — rabbit hunting.

The Tantanoola teenager was wandering around a local spot known as Hanging Rocks and was calling for his ferret, which had disappeared chasing a rabbit down a small hole in the cliffs.

After some time, Boyce went home and grabbed a torch and his brother, and returned to the small opening with the intention of retrieving his wayward pet.

Mount Gambier newspaper the Border Watch reported at the time that the teenagers squeezed through the small hole, shone their flashlight about and saw a row of hanging stalactites, the first hint that something quite incredible lay beyond.

After the brothers dashed home to tell their father George about their discovery, a group of men returned later that day to investigate, armed with ropes, lamps and torches.

Illuminated by the bare light of their torches, what the men witnessed was spectacular.

Chasing bunnies out of burrows is actually what Claire would do in the wild, if she hadn’t been bred instead to be a fancy princess who needs to be hand-fed.