An Inspiring Discussion on Democracy?

So for a long time, I’ve followed Amanda Litman on Twitter. She operates an organization called Run for Something. What Run for Something does is look to inspire and find progressive candidates for local office. The idea behind it is to channel the frustrations that many of us are feeling about things such as, I don’t know, how cool we suddenly are with elderly people dying from a virus or how completely chill we are with turning our democracy over to authoritarians. Litman is pretty brilliant, and her strategy is one the Democratic Party should have started years ago because … Continue reading An Inspiring Discussion on Democracy?

What’s In A Name?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Once again, conservatives have shown they are better at branding then liberals.

The Squad, the group of six progressive Congress people, Jamaal Bowman of New York, Cori Bush of Missouri, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna S. Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, all voted against the Biden infrastructure bill because it didn’t include the climate change and social services upgrades that have been tossed over into another bill. Okay, it was a procedural move, made only because they knew the bill as amended would pass with or without their votes.

But I want to talk about the name they’ve given themselves. In particular because the eight Republicans (I’ll give them the real party name since they were good guys on this vote) who voted for the bill, Don Bacon of Nebraska, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Andrew Garbarino of New York, Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, John Katko of New York, Tom Reed of New York, Christopher H. Smith of New Jersey and Fred Upton of Michigan, are calling themselves the Problem Solvers Caucus. Yes, I know there are  moderate Democratic members of this caucus, making it somewhat bipartisan, but it’s the Republicans in the caucus that are getting the press while the Democrats are being seen as merely going along with their party’s president.

Let’s face facts. The Squad is what a bunch of urban hipsters would call themselves, a quasi super hero team name that implies something but I couldn’t tell you what. “Hey let’s get The Squad together and go out to that new Indian Mexican fusion spot over on Tenth Avenue”.  The Problem Solvers Caucus tells you exactly what they are about. Are they really about problem solving? In the world of politics no title ever truly gives a clear picture as to what the group is about. Except CREEP, the Committee to Re-elect The President, the one that was intricately woven into the Watergate saga. Yeah they were a bunch of CREEPs.

It comes down to perception. The Squad voted against a bill that will give millions of people jobs. The Problem Solvers Caucus voted for giving all those people new jobs, i.e, they solved a problem. Now come later this month when the bill with all the climate change and social services stuff in it comes up for a vote and they vote against it their name might be mud, but for the moment (and in politics it’s all about the moment), it’s the Problem Solvers who solved a problem and the Squad who said we’re not even interested in getting some pork projects for our own home districts, but I’ll have a double whip, no foam half-caf Vente mocha to go. The only thing they gave their districts was the finger. At least that’s how it’s perceived.

And the Repugnicant Party will make sure all the campaign ads, even the ones for the 200 odd members of the House riding the magic Faux News bandwagon who voted against the bill, will tout how they are the party of the Problem Solvers. Those who oppose them, you know those Urban (nee Black), Greedy (nee Jewish), Intellectuals (nee anyone smarter than you), they don’t really have their constituents concerns at heart. It’s nothing but a dog whistle to this week’s flavor of the moment voting bloc, white women with no college education.

Good luck winning re-election or retaining the House running against that.

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These Dogs Are Not Dogged By Stereotypes

The kids of Reservation Dogs plot their next move in a quest for California. My Native blood comes from my father’s side of the family. His education about Native ways was supplemented by visits to my grandmother a few times a year. She married a white man who was a terrible, abusive alcoholic, and in many ways, I feel like this was the entire relationship between Natives and non-Natives in America in microcosm. She loved him despite his many faults (although I would argue my grandfather had pretty much no redeeming qualities, unlike America – we have pretty good food, … Continue reading These Dogs Are Not Dogged By Stereotypes

Leave Britney Alone

I don’t follow celebrity gossip, I only know 1 Britney Spears song (“Oops I Did It Again”, which by the way is an excellent pop song), and I misspelled her first name throughout the first draft of this post. Nevertheless when I read about this part of her recent testimony I got sick to my stomach: Spears, who is the mother of two teenage boys, told the court that her father and the group of people who control her affairs do not want her to have any more children. She said she was not allowed to go to the doctor … Continue reading Leave Britney Alone

‘we’ll marry our fortunes together’

We rounded the corner and looked down the street and the end of the block was lit up, shining through the canyon of the tall dark skyscrapers, an entrance to the world, the end of a long dark tunnel. The trains rumbled overhead, like a huge barrel rolling down a flight of metal stairs, over and over, around and around. “Hold up your sign,” I told Kick, and she lifted the sign she had colored the day before, her almost-three-year-old finger-stubs making blue marker strokes and polka dots on a poster board that said, “Future President.” People honked. People cheered. Mr. A … Continue reading ‘we’ll marry our fortunes together’

It Hurts to Take the Story Apart. Do It Anyway.

There’s a story we’ve been telling ourselves for a long time now, about how democracy works, about how it has to work in order for us all to get up in the morning. It involves how campaigns operate, how elections take place, how power is handed from one person to another and what is done with that power and to whom. The story’s called America. It’s a few years old now. Maybe you’ve heard it: We are free, and we choose who leads us, and we have chance after chance to make things better. We’re in charge, you and me, for good and … Continue reading It Hurts to Take the Story Apart. Do It Anyway.

Love at First Spite or, An Offer to Trump Supporters in the Spirit of the Season

In the spirit of the holidays, I have a proposition for our Trump-supporting friends. Go ahead. Say it. Say, “Fuck you.” Say it to my face. Say it to my liberal, city-dwelling, higher-educated, Democratic-Party-voting, Starbucks-swilling, Whole-Foods-shopping, Heather-Has-Two-Mommies-reading face. Say it morning, noon and night. Say it as often as you want. As loud as you want. Say it in front of my husband, my daughter, and all my friends. Say it over and over and over again. Get it out of your system. So that the rest of us can GO BACK TO WORK. That’s my present. That’s my gift … Continue reading Love at First Spite or, An Offer to Trump Supporters in the Spirit of the Season

Fight Them Til We Can’t

I’m not sorry. I’m sure there are a lot of people expecting me to be, because WHOO HOO WE WON YOU LOST BLAHHHH BREXIT POLLS SUCK IT LIBTARDS. I’m sure if I went looking on the Internet I could find people who think I should take down my Hillary sign and pretend I didn’t vote, didn’t fight, didn’t care. I’m sure there are going to be plenty of stories about how arrogant angry liberals like me need to take a lesson from this and JUST ONE MORE TIME be nicer to the angry racists who hate us. I’m sure there … Continue reading Fight Them Til We Can’t

Who Are We?

Two more days. I’ve been telling people it seems like this election will never be over, or like the world will end on Tuesday because it’s so hard to make plans until we know IF THE WORLD IS GOING TO END. I have major life decisions to make this week and I keep thinking, “Well, maybe I should just hold off in case it all burns right down.” I’m not going to come here today and make the case for Hillary, or against Trump, because what would be the point? We’ve talked about both of them for hours and hours. … Continue reading Who Are We?

We Don’t Need to Heal. We Need to Win.

Continuing a theme from the last post, HILLZ BABY JUST ENJOY RIGHT NOW OKAY:  Campaign officials stress they are not taking the outcome of the election for granted. But Clinton and her team have begun thinking about how to position their candidate during the postelection period. Long one of the country’s most polarizing political figures, Clinton has begun telling audiences she’ll need their help in healing the country. “I’ve got to figure out how we heal these divides,” she said in a Friday interview with a Tampa radio station WBTP. “We’ve got to get together. Maybe that’s a role that … Continue reading We Don’t Need to Heal. We Need to Win.

Delegitimizing Hillary Already

If Trump won we’d just tear everything down, us liberal rioters:  Still, the need for a clear negative mandate is kind of obvious. Think, for a moment, how the country would be convulsed by a close election. Sure, the Trump people would shout that the system was rigged, and violence would be possible. Violence might be more likely, however, if Trump won, beginning perhaps in our cities and our campuses. Respectable America — our various elites — wouldn’t quietly defer to the legitimacy of a Trump presidency. Imagine what would happen if either candidate won the popular vote and lost … Continue reading Delegitimizing Hillary Already

Take Husbands and Wives

This guy’s picture is going around: This guy, at the rally with his wife and three kids, in his “She’s A Cunt, Vote For Trump” shirt. — Sally Kohn (@sallykohn) October 11, 2016 I shudder every time I see it, but not because of him. I can’t stop thinking about his wife. She’s standing there next to him, and not that women can’t be misogynists (see Schlafly, Phyllis) but God, this election has made me wonder about so many people’s marriages. Women who are afraid to tell their husbands they’re voting for Hillary. Husbands who are “ashamed” to tell … Continue reading Take Husbands and Wives

A Conversation About Consent With My Two-Year-Old Daughter

Kick and I have a morning routine. She wakes up and lies in bed yelling “Up, Mama!” until I give up, curse the hour, and open the door. I make breakfast while she chatters and sings to herself. I make toast with cream cheese for her and cut up a banana. I make coffee and watch it brew, thinking about how someday she will be a teenager and I will have to drag her out of bed. I hand her the plate and a cup of milk, and she narrates the journey down the hallway into the living room. Then we … Continue reading A Conversation About Consent With My Two-Year-Old Daughter

Without His Coward Army Trump is Just a TV Buffoon

You know, one observation before we start the crack van. I don’t know as many guys like Trump — grabby, gross, sexually harassative creeps who think their money entitles them to whoever they want — as I do guys like Billy Bush. Guys who’d laugh along with the bully, in order to keep the bully’s focus off them. Guys who’d give the bully every impression of agreeing with whatever vile shit the bully spewed forth, to get out of the room without having to stand up for themselves. Guys who WOULD be afraid to tell their wives they voted for … Continue reading Without His Coward Army Trump is Just a TV Buffoon

Look, for America

Look, Lucy: Burns headed the NWP’s lobbying in Congress, edited the NWP’s journal The Suffragist, and spent more time in prison than any other American suffragist. Burns led political campaigns in western states, many of which already had woman suffrage, urging women to vote against Democrats as long as the Party refused to pass suffrage. She organized White House demonstrations against Wilson, was arrested, hunger struck, and force-fed. Look, Alice: After women won the right to vote with the 19th Amendment in 1920, Paul devoted herself to working on additional empowerment measures. In 1923, she introduced the first Equal Rights … Continue reading Look, for America

Benefit of the Doubt

So much to unpack here:  One of the biggest recent flubs from the Not Great Communicator was in Kentucky, when Clinton harkened back, as she often does with certain crowds, to the good old days of her husband’s administration. But this time she suggested, carelessly, that she was going to put Bill “in charge of revitalizing the economy, because you know he knows how to do it.” Social media — and traditional media — went nuts; the Times ran a full story on it, suggesting that Clinton’s “passing promise” indicated that “Mr. Clinton would be put in charge of a … Continue reading Benefit of the Doubt

Forward, Now

It starts now. She is going to clean his fucking clock. There will be nothing left of him when she’s done. I don’t know what she’s on, I really don’t, but I want some of it. She’s like twice my age, and I crawl home from my office job every night with barely enough energy to let Kick pile all her stuffed animals on me as I lay on the floor, and Hillary is doing 300 events a week and everybody there feels like she cares about them. I can’t even convince Claire I care about her at the end of … Continue reading Forward, Now

We Don’t Believe Women Get Sick, Not Really

There’s pretty much nothing that can’t be solved by the hysterical bitches just calming down a little and maybe admitting it’s all in their heads:  “That to me felt like this deeply personal and deeply upsetting embodiment of what was at stake,” she said. “Not just on the side of the medical establishment—where female pain might be perceived as constructed or exaggerated—but on the side of the woman herself: My friend has been reckoning in a sustained way about her own fears about coming across as melodramatic.” “Female pain might be perceived as constructed or exaggerated”: We saw this from … Continue reading We Don’t Believe Women Get Sick, Not Really

Aren’t You Afraid Being a Target if You’re a Target?

Listened to this, this morning, as I was driving to work. The law forces employers who pay more to a man working the same job as a woman to prove that the pay is based on elements other than gender. It also changes the rules on whether and when employees can sue employers regarding pay issues, and allows employees to discuss pay without fear of retribution. Aileen Rizo is one of the women who helped make it happen. A math consultant at the Fresno County Office of Education,  three years ago Rizo discovered that one of her recently-hired male colleagues earned $12,000 more … Continue reading Aren’t You Afraid Being a Target if You’re a Target?

Your Daughters are Beyond Your Command: Susan Brownmiller, Slutwalks, and the Responsibilities of Feminists to One Another

Young women, before you make any mention of rape, or rape culture, or how it is bad, you must first cite Susan Brownmiller!  I was wondering if you have been following the discussions of rape activism on college campuses. Yes, very closely. In the 1970s we had an extraordinary movement against sexual assault in this country and changed the laws. They [the campus activists] don’t seem to know that. They think they are the first people to discover rape, and the problem of consent, and they are not. Jesus TITS. How exactly should they be demonstrating that they are not the … Continue reading Your Daughters are Beyond Your Command: Susan Brownmiller, Slutwalks, and the Responsibilities of Feminists to One Another