Forward, Now

It starts now.

She is going to clean his fucking clock. There will be nothing left of him when she’s done. I don’t know what she’s on, I really don’t, but I want some of it. She’s like twice my age, and I crawl home from my office job every night with barely enough energy to let Kick pile all her stuffed animals on me as I lay on the floor, and Hillary is doing 300 events a week and everybody there feels like she cares about them. I can’t even convince Claire I care about her at the end of the day.

Donald Trump is small, and mean, and angry, but we’ve seen that before. The people behind him are the same people we’re always facing: The ones who are mad and the ones who are scared and the ones who are right to be, but for that they’ve decided to listen to the GOP tell them who’s to blame. This is something, we’ve seen plenty of.

It’s fearsome and it’s roaring, but we’ve fought this fight before.

And we have role models.


We have heroines, and I don’t mean just one.

We have examples of people who’ve fought harder fights, for longer.


We have stories of people who got back up time after time after time, and we can tell those stories to one another when the sun sets.


It starts now. Get ready.