Delegitimizing Hillary Already

If Trump won we’d just tear everything down, us liberal rioters: 

Still, the need for a clear negative mandate is kind of obvious. Think, for a moment, how the country would be convulsed by a close election. Sure, the Trump people would shout that the system was rigged, and violence would be possible. Violence might be more likely, however, if Trump won, beginning perhaps in our cities and our campuses. Respectable America — our various elites — wouldn’t quietly defer to the legitimacy of a Trump presidency. Imagine what would happen if either candidate won the popular vote and lost in the Electoral College. We’re not talking Bush vs. Gore here.

Because it’s Hillary’s attendees yelling Nazi slogans at journalists.

Beating up protesters.

Threatening to “hang the bitch.”

It’s Hillary’s attendees in “cities” and “campuses” (meaning black and gay and young people) who are yelling about elections being stolen and conspiracies being fomented and dark alliances between the banks and the media (meaning Jews). It’s Hillary’s attendees calling for armed insurrection, albeit about as convincingly as they did for fighting the Islamofascist menace from their recliners.

In order to combat these threats, from imaginary Black Panthers and the six old hippies who are trying to figure out if they can get stoned enough to forget the past 40 years, Hillary should APOLOGIZE FOR WINNING.

No, really:

We can hope that Clinton will accept that negative mandate with the appropriate modesty and let America know she knows her victory was in many ways undeserved. We can hope.

Hear that, ladies?

Apologize for your existence once again. Make sure you don’t, you know, enjoy a success that thousands of other women fought and died for, that you worked your whole life for, that you struggled through unimaginable ugliness for. Don’t be so uncouth as to cheer or anything. Who do you think you are, a mediocre white man, or a sportsballer? GROSS.

Given everything she’s had to deal with this cycle, I hope Hillary Clinton takes a victory lap on this guy’s lawn, TPs his dad’s house and does an hourlong commercial running in red states that is just her flipping perfectly manicured double birds to everyone who didn’t vote for her. Fuck this noise. Trump has run an entire campaign from the Freeperville comments, indulging their every private grievance and insane fringe desire, and she should practice “appropriate modesty?”



4 thoughts on “Delegitimizing Hillary Already

  1. And yet it is Trump listing lawsuits as part of his “first hundred days” ? And this asshole is worried whether Clinton knows how to curtsy to the usual dicks? Yeah, fuck that noise!

  2. “We’re not talking Bush vs. Gore here.” Ri-i-i-i-ght. Sure thing. After all, when in recent history has someone been named president in spite of getting fewer votes than his opponent? And I think we all remember the appropriate modesty with which the Bush administration governed. Bi-partisan camaraderie was the nation’s very watchword. Why, it was difficult to tell sometimes whether a Democrat or a Republican had won the election!

    I’m still torn over whether folks at the National Review are really that stupid, or if they just know their usual readers are that stupid.

  3. Lawler sounds like a corollary to some other articles I’ve seen about how the country is ignoring “Real America” ®, i.e., the grand swath of prairie, waves of grain, pickup trucks (trucknut embellished or not)…lonely gas stations, cowboy hats…cans of Coors light…and I think I’ll hurl right now: because not only is the visual a crock (Coors light = beer that’s manufactured, not brewed), it’s not that the alleged “needs” of real/rural ‘merika have exactly been ignored: just to cite a few examples, EVERY discussion of gun control MUST begin with some sort of paean to the sacrosanct right to fondle one…in school, in church, in bars…prayer to YHWH is virtually mandatory for any would-be office seeker…”rolling coal” might be more gimmick than reality (here in flyover country, I’ve yet to see an actual coal roller), but goddamn if the hurting rural masses aren’t traveling in all sorts of cars and trucks that are so large you’d expect them to have indoor plumbing (oh, wait, right: real ‘merikuns have septic tanks if not outhouses, right?)…even the trade agreements that allegedly gutted small towns (as if corporations needed trade deals to offshore and outsource) are as much a concession to rabid anti-unionism as anything…The ignored real Americans? Bullshit: to paraphrase HL Menken, they got what they wanted…good and hard.

  4. Reminds of Heather Michon’s (sadly) timeless comment on Faceblot.

    As the clock ticks down to Hillary Clinton winning her “presumptive nominee” badge, I thought I’d pass on a few helpful hints to Hillary supporters – the ladies in particular – about how you are expected to comport yourself over the coming days and weeks. …

    1) Don’t get too excited. There’s nothing notable whatsoever about a woman winning a major party presidential nomination ….

    4) Don’t smile. Well, smile, for God’s sake – nobody likes a resting bitch face – but don’t smile *too much. …

    5) If you absolutely must celebrate, go ahead. Everyone knows women are emotional creatures. Just remember, from here on out, everything is either all your fault, or complete luck. If Hillary wins … it’s because Donald Trump is such a weak candidate that a sea otter could have won by a country mile this year. If she loses it’s ALL. YOUR. FAULT. You, and your vagina.

    The difference is that the National Review thinks it is serious.

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