Tweet Of The Day: Hoosier Hoo-Ha Edition

One reason I think that Athenae and I are a good blogging combination is that she’s fire and I’m ice. She ripped Indiana a new one over their stupid new anti-gay law, and I’m here to mock them. Actually, Josh Marshall mocks them but I’m posting his tweet:

While we’re on the subject of Indiana, the best thing about it-other than being the birth place of Kurt Vonnegut and Cole Porter-is that basketball is the state religion. Here’s a hoops tweet that I’m pretty darn proud of:

Since I mentioned Cole Porter, I’ll give him the last word via Elvis/Declan Costello/MacManus. Why Let’s Misbehave? It’s what the Indiana lege and Governor Pence just did:


It’s So Dreadful When We Shout: Indiana’s Bigot Law and Both Sides Doing It

Here’s a masterpiece of “both sides should be nice, even if one is trying to violate people’s rights and another is just trying to live:”

Maybe what people can do — people on each side of the political aisle – is stop screaming and start listening. And here I’m begging not just you, the reader, but also my own newsroom. You think Indianapolis is split by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act? You should see the Indianapolis Star. Some of the best people in this building, my friends, are horrified by the RFRA. Some of the best people in this building, my friends, support the RFRA and are hurt by the insinuation that support for this bill is tantamount to bigotry.

So I say again, to people outside my building and within: Stop yelling and start listening. Liberals, listen to this liberal lawyer who notes that the RFRA has compassionate roots, roots that won for a Muslim the right to grow his beard in prison. Conservatives, listen to your own conservative mayor in Indy who is against the RFRA because he says it presents to the country an image that not everyone is welcome in Indiana, and by extension Indianapolis.

Is that what we want? To have a significant portion of America — pick a percentage, but pick one in double figures – recoiling at our state?

Do you know what is worse than upsetting everybody?

Do you know what is worse than everybody arguing and feeling bad and being all down about stuff?


That is worse than all this unseemly shouting.

That is worse than people “recoiling at [your] state.”

That is worse than everybody’s goddamn EMOTIONS.

I am just so done equating bigots being bummed at being called bigots with people being denied their most basic fucking rights. It is NOT the same. It is NOT equal. You are NOT oppressed in equal measure with a gay dude who just got fired for being gay, because you had to change the oil on a gay dude’s car.

And not for nothing but there is actual religious discrimination happening around the world, including discrimination against Christians. (There is plenty of religious discrimination happening in America, too, though a lot of it is to Muslims and Jews so we don’t care so much about that kind.)

But keep jerking yourselves off, SEVENTY SEVEN PERCENT OF THE FUCKING COUNTRY, because you are the most burdened, ever, by anything. You are just so totally oppressed because you are not allowed to oppress everyone who isn’t you, which ISN’T THAT MANY GODDAMN PEOPLE.

Telling everybody to calm down and speak nicely to each other about things so we don’t get upset and raise our blood pressure is one of my least favorite things columnists do now. Why is it bad to get upset and argue? Why is it bad to speak out and maybe lose friendships because you actually care about the world and what happens in it? Why must we all raise our pinkies and make sure nobody around us notices we’re alive?

And if this isn’t worth getting upset about, if this isn’t worth speaking up for, what is?


Friday Ferretblogging: Stuffies Drinking Beer and Chasing Each Other

ferret beeer

Why does no US bar offer this as a sport? 

With a 50 pence ($0.78) entry fee for ferrets, 27 of the animals, which are members of the Mustelid family, competed in nine heats for a place in the finals. The rest of the barn was a multidiscipline ferret extravaganza. There was a timed track, a loop-the-loop and ferret roulette. In this variation on the casino game, players bet on which of six drainpipes a ferret will emerge from. It was all for charity, with proceeds going to the Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association, which helps people and animals in distress.

In his prime, Bucky would have ROCKED THIS SHIT.

Speaking of Bucky, found out last Friday at the vet that in addition to his cancer he has some kind of liver disease as well. So now he’s on three different meds twice a day, and special feedings including whatever chicken/turkey baby food Kick refuses to eat.

I make her a bowl of mush every night, and then make him a bowl of mush. This is how those of you with more than one child do it, right?


Friday Catblogging: Only The Shadow Knows

I’m way too young for the radio show The Shadow. STFU and stop laughing, Jude. The main reason it entered my consciousness is that the Shadow’s secret identity was Lamont Cranston, and for some reason my mother conflated that with the name of the fine liberal Senator from California, Allan Cranston. She always called the Senator that including the time we met him together. He smiled and said, “I get that all the time.” Anyway, she was not prone to malaprops, that’s a specialty of Dr. A’s family.

Here are Oscar and Della Street lurking in the shadows:


Via the magic of the Google, I learned that there’s a Lamont Cranston Band out of Minnesota. They play the blues, which is fitting because Della is a natural blooze singer:

Malaka Of The Week: Buckley Carlson

Misogyny seems to be one of themes this week at First Draft. Phil Robertson’s misogyny is of the Old Testament variety but Buckley Carlson’s is of the wingnut bro variety. He also doesn’t know how to hit reply and *not* reply to all when using email and that is why he’s malaka of the week.

Buckley Carlson is that bow tie wearing motherfucker Tucker Carlson’s idiot brother. Tucker is, of course, a Fox News fixture and editor of something I don’t read called the Daily Caller. In fact, I would rather become a teetotaling vegan than read that right wing rag; if one can call a web site a rag. Tucker is on his way to becoming the Pat Buchanan of his generation: an unpleasant prick who people like Rachel Maddow insist is a “nice guy.” Sheesh.

Anyway, back to Malaka Buckley Bro. I’d never heard of him until he hit the send button and it landed in the in-box of Amy Spitalnick who is a spokesperson for Noo Yawk Mayor and RW hate figure, Bill deBlasio. I’ve bold faced what Malaka Buckley Bro considers wit:

The email appears to have been accidentally sent to de Blasio’s spokesperson, Amy Spitalnick, as well as to Tucker Carlson. In the email, Buckley Carlson, who occasionally writes for the Daily Caller, makes several offensive comments about Spitalnick after she asked for a correction on a piece about the mayor:

Great response. Whiny little self-righteous bitch. “Appalling?”  And with such an ironic name, too… Spitalnick? Ironic because you just know she has extreme dick-fright; no chance has this girl ever had a pearl necklace. Spoogeneck? I don’t think so. More like LabiaFace.

Spitalnick had reached out to Daily Caller writer Peter Fricke to ask for a correction on a story about de Blasio that claimed the mayor had said that the president’s $80 billion transportation proposal was not enough. After a back and forth between Spitalnick, Fricke and editor Christopher Bedford, Bedford told Spitalnick that if she “annoyed” him “with another whiny email before then, I’m muting this thread, thanks,” prompting Spitalnick to contact Tucker Carlson directly. He responded to Spitalnick:

Dear Amy,

Thanks for your email. You believe our story was inaccurate and have demanded a correction. Totally fair. We are going over the transcript now.

What Bedford complained about was your tone, which, I have to agree, was whiny and annoying, and I say that in the spirit of helpful correction rather than as a criticism. Outside of New York City, adults generally write polite, cheerful emails to one another, even when asking for corrections. Something to keep in mind the next time you communicate with people who don’t live on your island.


Tucker Carlson

The email sent from Buckley Carlson to his brother and to Spitalnick appears to have been a response to this.

In response to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News, Tucker Carlson said, “I just talked to my brother about his response, and he assures me he meant it in the nicest way.”

It’s a bro-brother defending his bro-brother. In the nicest fucking way? Give me a fucking break, asswipe. “Whiny little self-righteous bitch” was the nicest thing Malaka Buckley Bro said before launching into misogynistic porn speech; first the money shot image and then the worst thing a bro can say about a woman, she’s a lesbian who doesn’t want my sperm. Does Malaka Buckley Bro talk this way in front of the women in his family or were he and Tucker raised by preppie wolves?

Obviously, Buckley was destined to be a wingnut since I assume the nasty little bugger was named for William F. Buckley. I don’t recall, however, his namesake using terms like “spoogeneck” or “labia face.” I don’t think he’d have been amused or anything but appalled by brozos like the brothers Carlson and what passes for wit in their circle. It’s more like shit and that is why Buckley Carlson is malaka of the week.

Oops, I almost forgot to call him dickface or scroatface, which are the male equivalents of what he called Ms. Spitalnik. Fuck you, Buckley, you’ve brought shame on punsters everywhere. I spitalnick on you…

Imagine Having To Sit Next To This Guy…

From Album 5

First, what Adrastos said. But to add my .00000000002 cents worth…so, is this what runs through whatever functions as Phil’s brain while he kills time in the blind? What sort of interminable mental challenge would it be to get stuck in the adjoining seat on a plane, or at a ballgame? For someone who claims to follow the Prince of Peace, he sure has one hellish imagination.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: L. Ron Hubbard

Going Clear, Alex Gibney’s much anticipated documentary about Scientology debuts on HBO this Sunday night. Before he was a minor league messiah, L. Ron Hubbard was a preposterously prolific pulp fiction writer. His followers keep buying his books so they’re still in print. The good news is that the re-issues have preserved the pulpy integrity of the cover art. Here are a few examples:


I hope I’m not in trouble with John Travolta or Tom Cruise. I don’t want Travolta to smother me with his big ass toupee. As for Cruise, I’d prefer he not jump up and down on my sofa. It would disturb Oscar…

Decapitation Day Continues

I’m issuing a sick humor alert for this post about today’s news of the weird story out of New Orleans:

The Louisiana SPCA says it is investigating New Orleans’ second goat beheading in two months — this one with a samurai-style sword.

SPCA Spokeswoman Alicia Haefele (HAY-fuh-lee) said says that on Tuesday, the SPCA received a 12-second cellphone video showing young men around a kiddie pool where a goat is pulled into the air, and one man cuts off its head with the sword.

Haefele says this killing appears unrelated to the Jan. 28 beheading of a baby pygmy goat. But she says it makes investigators wonder if there’s “a bigger issue in our community.”

The Louisiana SPCA is offering $3,000 for information leading to the killers.

New Orleans police say they have not received a complaint and are not investigating.

Sick humor following the break.

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Decapitate Her Head Off?

Daft, but not daffy, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson is back in the news. This time around we hear about his sick, twisted fantasies about a different OTHER, atheists:

“I’ll make a bet with you,” Robertson said. “Two guys break into an atheist’s home. He has a little atheist wife and two little atheist daughters. Two guys break into his home and tie him up in a chair and gag him. And then they take his two daughters in front of him and rape both of them and then shoot them and they take his wife and then decapitate her head off in front of him. And then they can look at him and say, ‘Isn’t it great that I don’t have to worry about being judged? Isn’t it great that there’s nothing wrong with this? There’s no right or wrong, now is it dude?’”

Robertson kept going: “Then you take a sharp knife and take his manhood and hold it in front of him and say, ‘Wouldn’t it be something if this [sic] was something wrong with this? But you’re the one who says there is no God, there’s no right, there’s no wrong, so we’re just having fun. We’re sick in the head, have a nice day.’”

“If it happened to them,” Robertson continued, “they probably would say, ‘something about this just ain’t right.”

This sounds more like revenge porn or a snuff film script than something you’d expect from a bible thumper who believes in “traditional values.” I take that back, a snuff film might make more sense than this crapola. In my equally sick way, I visualize Robertson watching the sort of porn that got St Bernard Parish President Dave Peralta in trouble. Perhaps Robertson should stop making reality teevee and produce sinful Southern porn for his fellow peckerwoods. They could all get together for a forgiveness fest in Monroe. Hey, it worked for Phil’s fellow Louisianian Jimmy Swaggart:

However, Jimmy is capable of coherent thought whereas Robertson speaks English as if it were his second language. Decapitate her head off? My friend Kevin described that as the “worst kind of decapitation” and he ought to know as the editor of the Gambit Tabloid. I’m still working on that whole tabloid blogger thing…

It continues to amaze me that this bozo and his family were honored by the Gret Stet of Louisiana in the person of our alleged Governor PBJ. (My friend Lamar White has learned that Lt. Gov Jay Dardenne has been acting Govenor 43% of the time thus far in 2015. End of epic parenthetical aside.) Even more astonishing was CPAC’s giving Robertson some fakakta free speech award for what amounts to hate speech. In the immortal words of Raymond Douglas Davies, “The world’s going crazy and nobody gives a damn anymore.”

Perhaps the worst thing of all is that Phil Robertson receives tax subsidies from Louisiana taxpayers for his terrible teevee show. Maybe I should grow a long scraggly beard, wear camos and produce a reality show featuring my crazy relatives and zany friends. Nah, who would watch it? Of course, I ask myself the same question about Duck Dynasty.

Circling back to decapitation. Dr A’s late, great torti Window was initially terrified of ceiling fans. When one came on, she’d get as low to the floor as possible to protect her wee head. We used to joke about her decapitation fantasies, but she eventually got over her fan fear. A good thing in this climate. I wonder if Phil Robertson will ever get over his lurid fantasies or will he continue to say stupid shit like “decapitate her head off?” I think our cat had more sense than Phil Robertson. She at least knew how to duck, cover, and keep her mouth shut.

Album Cover Art Wednesday: A Nod Is As Good As A Wink To A Blind Horse

This classic 1971 Faces LP has one of the best as well as longest album titles in rock history. The Faces made their bones as a live band, but this album captured the essence of what made them so great in concert.

There’s another anomaly to A Nod Is As A Good As A Wink To Blind Horse, its back cover is better than the front. That makes it an anomalous rarity too; repetitive but true, y’all. The cover has a pretty good live shot of the band but the back shows them as puppets, marionettes, or proto-action figures. Who among us wouldn’t want a Ron Wood action figure?

It’s worth pointing out that Rod Stewart was originally a highly respected artist, something that ended when he released one of my least favorite tunes, the dreadful Do Ya Think I’m Sexy.  I hope I didn’t give any of you lot an earworm. Here’s the cover with Rod the Mod and his adoring fans:


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Let’s Be Counselors

Let’s get this out of the way: I know people who have been helped immeasurably by AA and its offshoots, so I’m not trying to start a fight by posting an article about how the science behind AA is nonexistent.

I am saying that JESUS WHAT THE FUCK: 

There is no mandatory national certification exam for addiction counselors. The 2012 Columbia University report on addiction medicine found that only six states required alcohol- and substance-abuse counselors to have at least a bachelor’s degree and that only one state, Vermont, required a master’s degree. Fourteen states had no license requirements whatsoever—not even a GED or an introductory training course was necessary—and yet counselors are often called on by the judicial system and medical boards to give expert opinions on their clients’ prospects for recovery.

Mark Willenbring, the St. Paul psychiatrist, winced when I mentioned this. “What’s wrong,” he asked me rhetorically, “with people with no qualifications or talents—other than being recovering alcoholics—being licensed as professionals with decision-making authority over whether you are imprisoned or lose your medical license?

“The history—and current state—is really, really dismal,” Willenbring said.

That’s kind of terrifying.

I am biased in favor of the learnings, I will admit. I want to know where somebody went to school if they’re giving me medical advice. I look up my doctors and my family’s doctors online and pester my parents about the quality of the care they get, because I know from bitter experience how hard it is to get decent care even from people with sterling credentials. I am a doctor snob. I am picky about these things.

With mental health care, it is a goddamn crapshoot ALREADY, and that’s with the credentials. So throw in counselors who have no education whatsoever, and this seems like a prime opportunity for scammers to get away with shit. Or for well-intentioned people with no training to make mistakes in a field where it seems mistakes could be very dangerous.


Reporters Taking Down Reporters

This is sad. Predictable, but sad. 

 We are part of a coalition of organizations that meets regularly with the Chicago Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit and individuals from its general counsel’s office. We worked with both over the course of more than a year to have this general order changed so that arrestees could access counsel at the facility.

I guess when the Chicago Police Department issued a statement even skeptical lawyers “found laughable” they didn’t check with their Internal Affairs Division or General Counsel’s Office.

That’s how I know the Guardian story is true. But local reporters who weren’t interested in this story when the hiding of suspects at Homan Square was at its height should find out for themselves. And by find out, I mean actually report the story before concluding that it’s simply not possible that they blew it.

This seems to be a recent thing, too. Reporters are competitive, jealous babies and to save face or make themselves feel better will totally go to their editors all WE WEREN’T SCOOPED THAT ISN’T EVEN A STORY WHATEVER MAN. But the idea that a story isn’t worth covering because the reporter who broke it is a douchebag or the outlet he works for is somehow beneath them, that’s something new. 

 First the problem was that it couldn’t be happening or our local reporters – who had been told it was happening and passed on the story – would know. Now it’s that everyone knows it’s happening, but it’s not happening at Homan but all over the city. So it’s happening everywhere except where the Guardian reported! Therefore, not a story.

Except the corroborating evidence shows it is happening at Homan. And the Guardian did report in its original story – there have been four or five, none of which local reporters seem to have read – that it was also happening all over the city. The problem is particularly egregious, though, at Homan because it’s off-the-books. That’s the point.

I’ve had reporters jump all over stories I’ve broken and it’s gratifying because it means more’s going to get done. No matter how good you are or how far ahead you are, 50 people working something means 50 times the effort going into finding out lies and bullshit and exposing them. Which in a good cause like, say, telling people about a secret torture program by US cops, is a good thing.

To go all local-loyalty power-humping is just depressing and in the Internet age it doesn’t discourage or diminish the original story. It just makes you look like a petty bitch. Then again, this is the town where a newspaper endorsed the candidate who tried to get its reporter fired, so I guess loyalty within the trade is a lot to ask.


NYT Now Sourcing Stuff from ‘Some Dude Who Said His Cousin Saw This Thing,’ Basically

Yes, Taylor Marsh is still a thing, and in this instance happens to be right: THIS SOME MAJOR BULLSHIT.

Complete with a luscious click bait headline that includes not only Benghazi, but “Clinton emails,” too. It’s a “rare glimpse” of Hillary Clinton’s “concerns,” which the New York Times regurgitates from “sources” described as “senior government officials,” who gave them all the juicy dish on Hillary’s Benghazi emails, which the Times never saw.

But they did show that Mrs. Clinton’s top aides at times corresponded with her about State Department matters from their personal email accounts, raising questions about her recent assertions that she made it her practice to email aides at their government addresses so the messages would be preserved, in compliance with federal record-keeping regulations.


But they did show

Except that the New York Times never saw the emails on which they’re basing their entire story.

God, another round of Clinton Derangement Syndrome. I don’t know if I can deal.


You Learn Something New Every Day

The name Jindal is synonymous with bullshit here in Louisiana but until today I had no idea that Jindal Plast is a popular brand of terlet in India. So, both Jindals are linked to shit, only one is useful. I learned this from my friend Paul who took the picture below when he traveled to India:

Jindal Terlet

If only Gret Stet voters could just flush PBJ down the Jindal Plast terlet. Since he’s running at a whopping 1% in national GOP polls, it looks as if Iowa Gopers will give him a political swirly, and end his delusions of grandeur. I wish it would have happened before that fast talking four flusher destroyed public education and health care in Louisiana.

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The Fog Of History: Zombie Crawfish Edition

They weren’t really zombies but I’m trying to get your attention. There’s a lot of  competition online these days, so what’s a little sensationalism among friends? I’m trying to conjure up the spirit of Weegee to take pictures for us, but the, uh, Ouija board isn’t working very well…

My Twitter friend and fellow horrid punster James Karst survived the Picayune purge and, among other things, writes a weekly column/feature for it called Our Times. He rummages about in the newspaper’s morgue and writes about his  discoveries every Sunday. He often focuses on the odder side of New Orleans and few things are stranger than this week’s piece, Crawfish in coffins, the curse of the Locust Grove cemeteries.

An extended quote is forthcoming after the break.

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Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Beck-ola edition


Good morning, gentle people – Glenn Beck has been a Free Republic staple since forever, and there’s a constant and amusing feud between Freepers who think he’s a visionary. and Freepers who think he’s certifiable.

Let’s delve into this and have a look, whaddya say?

We’ll start with a little – Beck and forth!

Glenn Beck: ‘I’m out of the Republican Party — I am not a Republican’
Yahoo News ^ | 3/18/2015 | Dylan Stableford

Posted on ‎3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎30‎:‎09‎ ‎PM by stevie_d_64

Glenn Beck says he is no longer a member of the Republican Party.

“I’ve made my decision — I’m out,” Beck said on his radio show Wednesday, according to “I’m out of the Republican Party. I am not a Republican; I will not give a dime to the Republican Party. I’m out.”

The former Fox News host and founder of the Blaze supported the GOP during the last election cycle but has become disillusioned with the party in recent years over what he believes was its failure to stand up to the Obama administration — specifically, the Affordable Care Act and immigration reform.

“Four years ago I was with them,” Beck said. “Four years ago I said, ‘Work from the inside, let’s change it, let’s get new guys in there.’”

But those efforts have proved futile, he said.

1 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎30‎:‎09‎ ‎PM by stevie_d_64

Hmm – maybe the Beck fans have all been banned? I had to scroll down 60 posts before I found this:

To: Georgia Girl 2

Beck was way ahead of his time regarding the internal Marxist/socialist threats to America, esp. the Obama crowd.

He did more with his blackboards to expose the interlocking Soros/Communist Party USA/Democratic Socialists of America subversion than any other conservative on TV or radio.


He did his homework and put into illustrations the “Who” and “What” of this Marxist subversive network that reached directly into the White House (Anita Dunn, Vann Jones, David Axelrod, Quentin Young, Bill Ayers, etc).


Let’s give him credit for doing this when no one else was interested in it or was doing much about it.

As for his wanderings, that’s a personal issue of his. Agreed with his stances or not, he’s still a good person who has awakened our nation to its’ internal threats, a sort of Cable TV “Paul Revere”.

Friends of mine had access to him, and he listened and learned. We ought him our thanks for sounding the warning calls in the early days of the Obama subversion when no one else was (with specific knowledge and organization).

61 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎7‎:‎08‎:‎14‎ ‎PM by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper (madmax)

Some of the Freeperati give Glenn grudging respect for being late to the party:

To: stevie_d_64

Good for him. The scales fall from another persons eyes.

8 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎34‎:‎07‎ ‎PM by RKBA Democrat (There is only one party, the uniparty, and corruption is its credo.)

To: stevie_d_64


44 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎55‎:‎32‎ ‎PM by PGalt

But most of the comments are along this line:
To: stevie_d_64

I’ve never given a dime to the Republican Party, so…

I’ve also never been a fan of Glenn Beck.

3 posted on ‎3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎31‎:‎55‎ ‎PM by trisham (Zen is not easy. It takes effort to attain nothingness. And then what do you have? Bupkis.)

To: trisham

Same here. Guy has gone nuts, personally.

6 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎33‎:‎16‎ ‎PM by Secret Agent Man (Gone Galt; Not averse to Going Bronson.)

To: stevie_d_64

I don’t much care what Glenn does. Whatever it is, it will be self serving and pointless.

19 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎39‎:‎32‎ ‎PM by pallis

To: Essie

He can talk with an voice more sincere than Bill Clinton’s while telling you something only for his own betterment.

(while sobbing) “Pleeease people. I know these things. You will be out in the streets if you don’t listen to me…Buy Goldline”

26 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎43‎:‎42‎ ‎PM by MNDude

To: Secret Agent Man

I can’t understand how Beck succeeds or makes any money.

He is as crazy as an outhouse rat.

Apparently Obama doesn’t have all the crazies on his team.

39 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎51‎:‎40‎ ‎PM by Iron Munro

Now bear in mind that the above is coming from someone who would vote for Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin in a heartbeat…
To: lonestar

Time for Liberty Party—Glen beck can be the first to Join or do the Reform Party! If others join we can do something. The RINOs have shot themselves one too many times. Let them have their Jeb Bush—the Liberty Party can nominate Sarah Palin!

125 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎13‎:‎58‎ ‎PM by Forward the Light Brigade (Into the Jaws of H*ll Onward! Ride to the sound of the guns!)

Didn’t I just say that?
Of course, there is one more person too crazy even for Free Republic:
Comment #135 Removed by Moderator
To: PieterCasparzen

Wow. My post, in which I cited Alex Jones’s claims about the Bushes, has been deleted.

I was citing what SOMEONE ELSE has said, and got deleted.

144 posted on 3‎/‎19‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎04‎:‎36‎ ‎AM by Arthur McGowan

To: PieterCasparzen

I don’t know whether it is what I quoted about the Bushes, or the mere mention of Alex Jones. Is Jones a non-person on FR?

145 posted on 3‎/‎19‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎08‎:‎51‎ ‎AM by Arthur McGowan

I believe the term you’re looking for is “unperson”.
To: Arthur McGowan

“Alex Jones is forever banned from FR. He’s a dipweed 9/11 conspiracy nutcase. These freaks make good money just making shit up for the gullible. Not surprised liberaltarians fall for any anti-American crap that comes down the line.

Those who don’t like my position on this are welcome to post elsewhere.”

47 posted on 4/9/2014 2:40:54 PM by Jim Robinson

159 posted on ‎3‎/‎19‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎09‎:‎18‎ ‎AM by BuckeyeTexan (There are those that break and bend. I’m the other kind. ~Steve Earle)

More Beck-O-Rama drama after the Goldline commercial…

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Politico’s Jalopy Goes .185

Their story about the Secret Service agents getting hammered and crashing their car into the White House was complete bullshit, but you won’t hear that from them: 

On Tuesday, a source who watched surveillance video of the incident told The Huffington Post that the agents’ car was moving at only 1 to 2 mph and appeared to deliberately nudge a traffic barrel in order to pass through the White House complex. Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy confirmed the source’s account Thursday, telling lawmakers there was “no crash” evident in the video. At this point, there is also no evidence the agents were drunk.

Ambinder wrote Friday that Politico Magazine stands by his original piece “and doesn’t think an apology is necessary — but I think I was wrong.”

In an email to HuffPost, Ambinder referred questions about why the follow-up didn’t run in Politico Magazine to that publication’s editors.

Politico Magazine editor Garrett Graff told HuffPost he could not discuss conversations with individual writers. In an email, Graff pointed out that Ambinder’s original story for Politico now includes a clarification noting that subsequent accounts described the incident as being “milder” than originally reported.

Oh, a clarification! Let’s see what it was:

Further reporting has questioned whether this March 4 incident was as serious as various news organizations originally reported as well as what role alcohol may have played in the incident.

Further reporting has questioned. All on its own. Various news organizations reported — hey, lots of people said it was a fiery explosion fueled by Buttershots! How could we have known?

But we don’t even know if alcohol had anything to do with the argument at the scene. We don’t know if the agents, being off-duty, created friction by appearing on-scene during a tense moment. We don’t know whether the agents tried to pull rank, asserting their right to bypass the temporary barricades because of their role. We don’t know if the agents were even drunk, a point that Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), an agency critic, made to CNN Tuesday.

It would, however, have been irresponsible not to have speculated LIKE HELL.


Our Quadrennial Shock at the State of the Republican Party (and the Selfishness of Nostalgia)

Every four years, it surprises our Serious Commentariat how completely batshit crazy nuts the Republican Party is. 

Immigration reform is dead to Republicans; it alone may sink Jeb Bush, by most measures their strongest presidential contender. Unless a CEO gave Obama money, the party has nothing to say about corporate abuse of any kind. Super PACs have swallowed up the party. As for inclusiveness and social intelligence, you can make a strong case that the 2016 GOP field is even worse than the last one.

Early 2016 GOP campaign events are like cattle calls for great herds of ignorant opportunists, ranging from the now pathetic Sarah Palin, to the ever more odious Donald Trump, to the apparently bright but seemingly demented Ben Carson, a doctor who spent last week walking back his professional medical opinion that homosexuality must be a choice because people in prison choose to be gay.  Carson calls Obamacare “the worst thing to happen to the nation since slavery” and recycles a fabricated quote from Lenin to connect it to communism.

Every four years, the guardians of our national discourse take a look at the Republican candidates and say how, how can they be like this? Every four years, our media marvel, absolutely flabbergasted, at the idiots who purport to represent the American Right. Every four years, they put on their Serious People hats and survey the smoking, cratered field of play, shaking their heads in paternalistic despair and clicking their tongues in judgment.

In 2016, people are shocked. But in 2008, the GOP put up Sarah Palin as vice president, hailed her as their new standard-bearer, and then watched everything go straight to shit. In 2000, the GOP’s third highest primary vote-getter was Constitution Party whackjob Alan Keyes, who would go on to self-immolate in a Senate race against a state politician named Barack Obama.

(Their winner that year was no Clarence Darrow either.)

And in 2012, the Royal Media We asked Ourselves louder than ever, whither this mob of unwashed nutballs? 

Into this newly chaotic Republican landscape strode Mitt Romney. There could be no doubt that it was his turn, and yet his journey to the nomination was interrupted by one against-the-odds challenger after another — Cain, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul; always Ron Paul. It was easy to dismiss the 2012 primaries as a meaningless circus, but the onslaught did much more than tarnish the overall Republican brand. It also forced Romney to spend money he could have used against Obama and defend his right flank with embarrassing pandering that shadowed him through the general election. It was while trying to block a surge from Gingrich, for instance, that Romney told a debate audience that he was for the “self-deportation” of undocumented immigrants.

At the 2012 convention in Tampa, a group of longtime party hands, including Romney’s lawyer, Ben Ginsberg, gathered to discuss how to prevent a repeat of what had become known inside and outside the party as the “clown show.”

How many times do we have to see that clown show before we stop being so appalled by red noses, fuzzy wigs and giant, comical shoes?

I mean it, how many times? At what point do we notice that the circus isn’t pulling up stakes? The Big Top has a boardroom now, and a fitness center, and the trapeze artists have joined the homeowner’s association. At what point do we just call the clown show Thursday, and stop being so goddamned surprised by it?

Because it’s gross, this every-four-years longing for the Republican Party of Yore. It’s gross because this was always the Republican Party, these racists and doomsayers and religious fanatics, and to yearn for a time when nobody talked about that is to yearn for the closet and the noose again. I’m not saying it’s better now, that they say what they mean. I’m saying, they say what they have always meant.

Ronald Reagan couldn’t make it through a Republican primary today, we lament, and what we are really saying is, “Ronald Reagan hid his racism and bigotry well.” That is disgusting. The Republican Party has always been this venal, this broken, this dysfunctional. To yearn for a time when it was otherwise is just to yearn for a time when we didn’t know.

When it wasn’t obvious. When our eyes were closed.

It’s gross because, like almost everything in our modern political commentary, it’s borne of laziness and fear. Because, hear me out: If there are Two Serious Parties made up of Serious Men and Women Who Just Sensibly and Reasonably Disagree, then they will Talk Things Out and Come to a Compromise, and everything will be fine.

The Royal Media We don’t have to worry our heads. We can sleep sound. We can keep going to our cocktail parties, keep writing our columns, and keep talking to one another on TV.

If, however, one party has absolutely lost the plot, and is not able to be responsible for anything, and cannot hold the other party accountable, and cannot offer a sane or sensible alternative to whatever the other party is proposing, then our political system does not function and must be torn down and rebuilt.

We don’t want to do that. It’s too big. It’s too hard. It’s almost like what other countries, that aren’t already perfect, have to do all the time. It’s almost like what human beings have to do all the time. It’s too much.

So we keep pretending that this present state of affairs is temporary and shocking. We keep looking to a past that doesn’t exist, and wishing it back again, because it lets us off the hook.


Sunday Morning Video: Hunter S Thompson Meets Ralph Steadman

Today’s SMV is a 1978 BBC documentary wherein Ralph Steadman visits his old colleague Hunter S Thompson in Aspen. It’s titled Fear And Loathing In Gonzovision at the beginning and Fear And Loathing On The Road To Hollywood With Dr. Hunter S. Thompson And Ralph Steadman at the end.

Odds & Sods: Friday Follies Edition

the-who odds--sods

There are always follies on Fridays; most other days as well. At the risk of sounding like Keith Olbermann, we begin with:

From Debrisville To Durstville: Robert Durst has been making headlines in New Orleans since his arrest. He faces gun and weed charges locally. I’m glad the DA’s office is charging him since the case against him in the murder of Susan Berman is the *opposite* of a slam dunk. Hopefully, it won’t be an air ball.

More Friday hilarity after the break; at least I hope it’s funny. I dread turning into Jack Webb as Joe Friday at times like this. Why? I’ll never know. Continue reading


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