Cheney vs. The Shark

I’m betting on Joey, mostly on account of his not being, you know, an evil robot overlord: Cheney, in the interview, also said that Biden would be a less relevant player in the Obama administration, sharply suggesting that his successor would revert the office to the traditional, and far less central, place it had been in past administrations. “I think that President-elect Obama will decide what he wants in a vice president and apparently from the way they’re talking about it, he does not expect him to have as consequential a role as I have had during my time,” Cheney … Continue reading Cheney vs. The Shark

Today on Tommy T’s obsession with the Freeperati – We’re running out of things to be cheery about

Good Monday morning, everyone – and a chilly one it is, too.

Let’s warm ourselves by the fire of stupidity, shall we?

Suits on – airlock door open – let’s go!

One of the few points of happiness I’ve seen in Freeperville over the last few weeks is the joyous piling-on that occurred when they found out that Jesse Jackson, Jr. was the shadowy (get it?) figure identified as “Candidate number 5”, proof positive that the Dems were going down over Blago’s corruption.

Since JJJ was a proxy for the man they love to hate (his father), hearing of his possible involvement was like a fine Cuban cigar for them – something to be looked forward to and savored in its fullness.


Jesse Jackson Jr. ratted on Blagojevich
NY DAILY NEWS ^| Wednesday, December 17th 2008, 12:23 AM | CELESTE KATZ

Posted onWednesday, December 17, 2008 2:06:11 AM byFred
Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has been dropping dimes on his state’s disgraced governor and other corrupt local pols for years, a spokesman said Tuesday.
Jackson, a longtime congressman and son of the famed civil rights activist, has been pulled into the controversy surrounding Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s alleged attempt to auction Barack Obama’s now-vacant U.S. Senate seat.
A Jackson spokesman, Kenneth Edmonds, said the congressman had spoken to the feds about Blagojevich and others.
He wouldn’t provide details, but Chicago’s WLS-TV reported the congressman told investigators Blagojevich refused to make Jackson’s wife director of the state lottery because Jackson would not pledge $25,000 to the governor’s campaign fund.
“Blagojevich went out of his way to say, ‘You know I was considering your wife for the lottery job and the $25,000 you didn’t give me? That’s why she’s not getting the job,'” a source told The Associated Press.
Federal prosecutors declined to comment.
Jackson has acknowledged meeting with Blagojevich about his interest in Obama’s Senate seat one day before the governor was arrested on federal corruption charges.
The congressman has admitted to being “Senate Candidate 5” in the federal complaint against Blagojevich. Blagojevich claimed the candidate’s emissary agreed to fund-raising in exchange for the seat, according to the complaint. Jackson said he never authorized any intermediary to make deals.

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You can almmost hear the mental gears stripping from here. There’s really no way for them to spin this one as Good News For Republicans, so they just kinda go all sulky and start mumbling under their breaths about snitches.

Now, bear in mind, these are the same Freepers who go ballistic when gangs paint the word “snitching” under the word “Stop” on stop signs:

To: Fred
Truly there is “no honor among thieves” is there?

2 posted onWednesday, December 17, 2008 2:08:08 AM by2ndDivisionVet (Barack Obama: In Error and arrogant — he’s errogant!)
Truly there isn’t any shame among Freepers, is there?
Fortunately they get it all figured out and manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of…defeat.

To: Fred
Sounds like Jr. cut a deal with the Feds.They must have had the goods on him but needed his information to get others.
3 posted onWednesday, December 17, 2008 2:11:33 AM byRocky
(Snarf – chuckle – snort)
If William Of Ockham were still alive, that would have killed him.

To: Fred
Interesting that the press characterizes reporting crimes as “ratting.” It strikes me as very similar to black kids being harassed by their peers for getting good grades.

5 posted onWednesday, December 17, 2008 2:19:33 AM byTigersEye (Mohammed licks my shoes but the Allah won’t come off.)

That darned press! It’s all their fault!!

To: Rocky
Sounds like Jr. cut a deal with the Feds Whatever it takes to protectthe chosenOne!

6 posted onWednesday, December 17, 2008 2:24:45 AM byLas Vegas Dave (Illegitimi non carborundum – “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”)
Yeah!That’s it! Because them darkies stick together!
And of course, there’s always the good old, reliable “I don’t believe it lalalalala” thing to fall back on when the real world gets too depressing:
To: The Cajun
anyone else think the Jackson’s floated this fake story to get ahead of the charges
8 posted onWednesday, December 17, 2008 2:41:01 AM byPacothecat
Of course! Why didn’t I see it before? Jackson’s lying about working as an informant with the Feds’ operation to bust crooked politicos because if the fake story gets ahead of the real story, the Feds will be so impressed they’ll drop all charges against him. And they will get so angry at Jackson for lying about working for them that they’ll send him to jail for impersonating an informant, except that they are not doing that, possibly because Martians are involved, and the Illuminati, and *spark* *fzzz* *crackle* *zzzt* EEErrrrrrr r r r r r r (clunk)
Dangit. Now I’ve sprained my brain trying to think like a Freeper.
Don’t try this at home, kids. Maybe I’m not taking enough drugs?

To: Fred
Perhaps it’s just me. It’s late and my pills are kicking in BUT, I think this is truth being woven with lies.
I knew it. I knew it!
There’s no way anyone could be that stupid without chemical assistance!
Speaking of which, I hope everyone took their anti-dumbassery pills before we go on, because any of you guys caught the dumbass dropsy while in the inner chamber, we’d either have to put you down, or get you a radio talk show.
More after the juuuuuuuuummmmppppppp!

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Catching Up On A Few Things

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Love Isn’t Feelings

Yeah: I don’t care if these people have gay friends. Because if these folks think that their friends are perverts out to destroy the world, they’re probably pretty shitty friends anyway. So it’s done. If you have a friend who’s gay, it doesn’t get you off the hook anymore. You still have to take responsibility for your beliefs, actions, and words. And if you can’t do that, then your friends are putting up with a lot of crap from you, and you should just be grateful that you have any friends. This movement isn’t about people being friends. It’s about … Continue reading Love Isn’t Feelings

The Cash-Driven Life

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Slam The Door

Paging Nelly Bly: MURRAYVILLE, Georgia (CNN) — A few weeks before 13-year-old Jonathan King killed himself, he told his parents that his teachers had put him in “time-out.” “We thought that meant go sit in the corner and be quiet for a few minutes,” Tina King said, tears washing her face as she remembered the child she called “our baby … a good kid.” var CNN_ArticleChanger = new CNN_imageChanger(‘cnnImgChngr’,’/2008/US/12/17/seclusion.rooms/imgChng/p1-0.init.exclude.html’,2,1); //CNN.imageChanger.load(‘cnnImgChngr’,’imgChng/p1-0.exclude.html’); But time-out in the boy’s north Georgia special education school was spent in something akin to a prison cell — a concrete room latched from the outside, its tiny window … Continue reading Slam The Door

OK but I’m still going to wear one

Scientists debunk myths including one on the importance of wearing a hat in the cold: They traced the origins of the hat-wearing advice back to a US army survival manual from 1970 which strongly recommended covering the head when it is cold, since “40 to 45 percent of body heat” is lost from the head. Rachel Vreeman and Aaron Carroll, at the centre forhealth policy at Indiana University in Indianapolis, rubbish the claim in theBritish Medical Journal this week. If this were true, they say, humans would be just as cold if they went without a hat as if they … Continue reading OK but I’m still going to wear one

Explain it to me

I keep stumbling into arguments about something lately and I’m starting to feel so far down the rabbit hole of surreality that I’m wondering if I can get out. I’m hoping you guys can help me. Can someone tell me, please, when we voted on, or otherwise agreed as a nation, to ignore the central, singular importance of the rule of law? Can any of you tell me when the threats of divisiveness, extreme partisanship, rancor, recrimination, or hell, even political failure, became paramount over upholding the Constitution? And while you’re at it, explain to me also how the United … Continue reading Explain it to me

A Couple of Loafers

I’m curious–willShrub having to duck footwear be the legacy of his administration (“if the shoe fits”)–or are there competing images that have been burned into the collective retina? Offhand, I can think of a number of moments, from “Bring ’em On” to “Brownie, You’re Doing a Heckuva Job,” but the Florsheim rondevouz near-miss seemed to capture the essence of the global public’s dissatisfaction with “The Decider.” And, at least according toCountdown, aggressive shodding as an act of protest is gaining a certain cachet, at least for the moment. Of course, such symbolism masks the sheer volume of damage this administration … Continue reading A Couple of Loafers

Oh yeah Now they want Oversight

FromGovExec: In a bid to beef up House Republicans’ ability to scrutinize an Obama administration, incoming House Oversight and Government Reform ranking member Darrell Issa, R-Calif., is moving to increase the GOP side of the panel’s oversight power. A day after he was formally selected as ranking member last week, Issa ousted 14 of 39 Republican committee staffers, including many senior aides. Outgoing staffers said they were told the panel’s minority will shift its focus away from legislation toward oversight of federal agencies. By bringing in aides with investigative backgrounds, committee Republicans believe they can increase their capacity to conduct … Continue reading Oh yeah Now they want Oversight


North Decoder asks: Here’s my question: Is Lee Enterprises — and are other traditional newspapers — on the brink of collapse because its subsidiary newspapers suck? Or are they falling apart because informed people have found there are news sources out there that are better at providing news and information, like blogs (i.e. newspapers suck)? Or is it something else? The latter.Shit management. A. Continue reading Answers

I thought it’d be a short war…

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Romantic comedies…they’ll mess you up

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Had To

Had to: GAFFNEY: May I state my position rather than you stating it? May I do that?My position is that it’s regrettable that any Americans died. It is regrettable that they had to die, but I believe they did have to die. It’s a little too easy and cheap to ask what precisely Gaffney has lost because of this war, not only because I don’t believe you have to have friends in a war to give a fuck about whether that war was a mistake, but also because I don’t think there’s any personal stake that could convince me Gaffney … Continue reading Had To

Easy Peasy

Do One Thing: from the Brits, but the idea translates very well, even if your squirrels don’t play the trombone. It’s easy and cheap (possibly even free) to do at least one small thing to help wildlife in your area. If you need ideas or information about your local species, your state may even have a similar program, for example, Texas Wildscapes. (viaBoingBoing) Continue reading Easy Peasy

I can see it now…

…the Katrina exhibit will be filled with Unicorns, Rainbows and Pretty Ponies. FromThe Guardian (viaThink Progress): Langdale says the Bush museum will not avoid the most divisive episodes of the president’s eight years in office, such as the administration’s much-criticised humanitarian response to Hurricane Katrina. Which is not to say, however, that those controversies might not be subject to some positive historical spin. “There’s an interesting lesson about Katrina and the limitations of government assistance to respond to big natural disasters,” Langdale said. “They are acts of God, and they are tough. It’s definitely a story line I would not … Continue reading I can see it now…

Buy Some Hens!

They sound great: Not as filthy as most poultry. They are very noisy. If your neighbor has a barking dog or annoying offspring, these would be fine revenge. If you just find it amusing to see brainless alien freaks that look like old-style football helmets running around on tiny orange legs, they will fit the bill. Buy my surplus ill-natured Guineas. They are too scrawny for Thanksgiving. The do not have laser beams strapped to their heads. If I had a yard, I’d totally be all over this. I’m sure we could get over the lack of laser beams. A. Continue reading Buy Some Hens! discovers angry posts coming from inside Army Corps of Engineers’ offices

From WWL: A local levee watchdog group says that computer equipment at the Corps of Engineers has been used to send messages attacking her group on a couple of Internet blogs they operate. SNIP Among the comments were one that said local people had blocked the Corps’ wishes and thus locals are responsible for the flooding. Another was more blunt. “Sure, blame the Corps for the floodwall failures,” it read. “But who do you blame for your own stupidity for putting your families in such a situation?” The comments prompted Rosenthal to try to find where the e-mails were coming … Continue reading discovers angry posts coming from inside Army Corps of Engineers’ offices