I can see it now…

…the Katrina exhibit will be filled with Unicorns, Rainbows and Pretty Ponies.

FromThe Guardian (viaThink Progress):

Langdale says the Bush museum will not avoid the most divisive
episodes of the president’s eight years in office, such as the
administration’s much-criticised humanitarian response to Hurricane

Which is not to say, however, that those controversies might not be subject to some positive historical spin.

an interesting lesson about Katrina and the limitations of government
assistance to respond to big natural disasters,” Langdale said. “They
are acts of God, and they are tough. It’s definitely a story line I
would not shy away from addressing somehow in the museum.”

8 thoughts on “I can see it now…

  1. Unicorns, Rainbows, Pretty Ponies…and a manly, flightsuited Commander-in-Chief, personally saving the city from the clutches of Saddam.
    Oh, wait: it wasn’t Saddam, it was multiple levee failures.

  2. I just can’t understand why no hurricaines hit the mainland before Bush.
    That has to be why no prior president ever had a Katrina-style debacle on his hands. It couldn’t be that Bush re-organized homeland security and put political cronies in the higher levels. After all, Hurricaines are an act of God.

  3. The storm that hit Buras, Louisiana, dead-on, then moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast was an act of God.
    The storm surge that resulted was an act of God.
    The levees that were supposed to hold – human.
    The MR-GO that acted as a conduit for the storm surge – human.
    The idiotic decisions FEMA and Heckuva Job Brownie made to let ice sit for four days, among many other much needed supplies and aid – ABSOLUTELY human.
    The troops that could have been a huge help in this situation but were instead overseas fighting a war that should never have begun – ABSOLUTELY this damned administration.
    If those unicorns, rainbows, and %#$*^ ponies aren’t coming out of a giant anus Dali-style, then the truth will NOT be served.

  4. Katrina was “an act of God”? I thought Shrubya had a personal prayer hot line with the Big Guy. . .so wha’ happened?

  5. Of course, showing that “govt can’t do it” is one of the neocon talking points for getting rid of excess govt.
    How convenient.

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