Cheney vs. The Shark

I’m betting on Joey, mostly on account of his not being, you know, an evil robot overlord:

Cheney, in the interview, also said that Biden would be a less relevant
player in the Obama administration, sharply suggesting that his
successor would revert the office to the traditional, and far less
central, place it had been in past administrations.

“I think that President-elect Obama will decide what he wants in a vice
president and apparently from the way they’re talking about it, he does
not expect him to have as consequential a role as I have had during my
time,” Cheney said.

Asked if he had any advice for Biden, Cheney replied with a chill.

“Well, he hasn’t asked for any, so I won’t go beyond where I’ve been,” Cheney said.

In his own Sunday morning interview, on ABC’s “This Week,” Biden eased
back some on his campaign red meat against Cheney but, with some
prompting, offered shots of his own

Reminded of his “dangerous” quote, Biden initially sought to laugh it
off, saying with a smile and chuckle: “I still don’t agree with the
vice president.”

But after host George Stephanopoulos pressed Biden, the vice
president-elect went further, saying Cheney “has been not healthy for
our foreign policy, not healthy for our national security, and it has
not been consistent with our Constitution, in my view.”

“His notion of a unitary executive, meaning that, in time of war,
essentially all power, you know, goes to the executive, I think is dead
wrong. I think it was mistaken,” Biden added.



3 thoughts on “Cheney vs. The Shark

  1. Dick Cheney has been a great man! Can you even imagine any lesser man being able to amend the Constitution, do it in total secrecy, with no input from either the Congress or the states, then comply with that amended Constitution, all the while pointing out that his actions are perfectly legal and constitutional? I say no. Never before and probably never again will such a great man be in our midst.
    He deserves lots of attention – preferably by a US Attorney.

  2. Let’s see… The entire Bush Administration called before Congress, in chains if necessary, to answer charges of corruption and high treason. Fill the prisons with the Bushies; Rumsfeld, Addington, Spitcomb and Dick Cheney brought before The Hague…
    Nice thought but whole cloth fantasy.
    Investigations are called for, necessary for our democracy and rule of law. Will they happen? Feh.
    Reid and Pelosi are so chickenshit they’ll shy from the shadow of a Republican, let alone the actual person. As far as Harry Reid is concerned, the best remedy for Bush’s all out war on the Constitution, years of abuse of the Executive and woefully incompetent presidency is a masterfully stern letter.
    Obama will be hamstrung by these yellow-bellied sapsuckers unless the Democrats, in a sudden bolt of courage and foresight, kick these marshmallow Peeps to the curb and select a couple of brass-balled, titanium-spined enforcers who would deliver to the American people, come Hell or High Water, the turnaround we so desperately need. They would crush any Repug opposition, spit on their bones and piss on their grave in order to accomplish this mandate.
    Feh! …whole cloth fantasy.

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