5 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. That’s a fantastic (and very well fed) lolcat! Looking forward to seeing a repeat showing of The Teenage Boy Returns (PG ignored) this afternoon, then off to Norfolk for Christmas…

  2. I is snowed in. Got 5 inches on my deck with an inch of ice below that.
    This is Seattle, dammit, not Madison, WI! The imported folks from CA go all panicky when the snowflake falls; makes the driving a bloody nightmare. I’ve run out of coffee and bread. NO FRAKING COFFEE!
    And would someone tell those goddamn teenagers in the upstairs apt. to give it a rest? Jesus Christ in a Knapsack, I wish I had a garden hose.

  3. Manner, lolcat, manners! Let’s try, “I eated barbie. I can has barbiez hous nao pleez?”
    Thank you.

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