Someone Get Some Valium for Athenae

She’s headed for this town.

Once again, a newspaper columnist gets it wrong, wrong, wrong.

Hey, dumbshit: blogs aren’t your problem. In addition, you don’t even really address how they might be in your stupid column. And can we cut out this stupid shit about the Golden Age of Journalism, please?

I got three words for you, fucko: William. Randolph. Hearst.

Instead of whining, try doing your fucking job. Schmuck.

Sorry, A. I’ll get the good Scotch out for when you’re in town next, I swear. 

7 thoughts on “Someone Get Some Valium for Athenae

  1. Oh, just cut my head off.
    Yes, the all-powerful Internet just FORCES reporters and editors to cover stuff they don’t want to cover. It’s so distasteful! If only there was no Internet, then we’d never have to cover anything but Miss Betty’s Bountiful Bake Sale and … I’m sorry, it’s not funny. Not only is it not funny, it’s not original. William Raspberry pulled this shit back in Ought Four, and it was a bullshit dodge then, and it’s a bullshit dodge now.
    Here’s a clue for those publicly whining that they’re being shoved into coverage they find abhorrent because of blogs: YOU WORK FOR A NEWSPAPER. HAVE ENOUGH PRIDE TO MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS AND STAND BY THEM. Christ.
    Jude, I’m blaming my bad mood the rest of the day squarely on you. You and your Internets and your blogospheres and stuff.

    and STILL ‘speculating’ on Obama’s VP choice. can’t they fucking WAIT??? what is the purpose of this filing time? how about going thru VPs of HISTORY if you need to fill time.

  3. As I read the opening paragraphs of the linked article, I thought I knew where it was going. I thought the author would talk about how the press had begun to act as unthinking, cheerleading stenographers for the people in power, and as such had been partially responsible for the rush to war in Iraq and the other policy disasters of this presidency. That would have been something to contrast against the so-called golden age, when reporters actually did their jobs and hunted for the real action instead of sitting in their well-padded nests like baby birds, waiting for their daily news to be regurgitated to them.
    But no. No, the thing he’s agonizing over is whether they shouldn’t have picked up the Edwards affair story sooner.
    Talk about blindness! Of all the things for the mainstream media to be ashamed of, that has to be the least, and certainly the least damaging.
    Exactly who was harmed by their not having jumped on the story immediately? Exactly which major policies were changed as a result of our having to wait a few days or even weeks to find this sordid detail out?
    Do they have any sense of proportion at all?
    Never mind, the question answers itself.

  4. I wonder if the Blogs are “at fault” as they can talk back. Back in the good old days of yellow journalism, no one could talk back to their misstatements.

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