North Decoder asks:

Here’s my question: Is Lee Enterprises — and are other traditional
newspapers — on the brink of collapse because its subsidiary
newspapers suck? Or are they falling apart because informed people
have found there are news sources out there that are better at
providing news and information, like blogs (i.e. newspapers suck)? Or
is it something else?

The latter.Shit management.


4 thoughts on “Answers

  1. Also, probably a question of timing. Why bother waiting 24 hours for the “latest” news, when blogs can get it to you in minutes, and may well have local coverage equal or better to the papers, or know someone who does?

  2. Agree with TheaLogie. Also, with RSS one can combine the feeds from multiple overseas news outlets and get an international perspective, where reporters actually take the liberty of asking questions and present the logical arguments of several sides.
    Meanwhile, my local TV News reporters are proud that they called the Mayor’s office for a quote on city government (under the banner of going the extra mile).

  3. When you borrow (and buy other media properties) according to a model that predicts 20-25% returns, and you get only 15-20%, you’re screwed. That’s leverage for you.
    And it’s even worse than that, because cutting costs on the production side is very difficult. Newsprint costs what it costs, presses and delivery trucks cost what they cost. Editorial and and marketing salaries and expenses may be only 10-20% of a paper’s budget, but to a first approximation they’re the only places you can cut. (You can reduce the newsprint budget by going to a smaller news hole, but then what the heck do you need all those reporters for.)

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