Buy Some Hens!

They sound great:

Not as filthy as most poultry. They are very noisy. If your neighbor
has a barking dog or annoying offspring, these would be fine revenge.
If you just find it amusing to see brainless alien freaks that look
like old-style football helmets running around on tiny orange legs,
they will fit the bill.

Buy my surplus ill-natured Guineas. They are too scrawny for
Thanksgiving. The do not have laser beams strapped to their heads.

If I had a yard, I’d totally be all over this. I’m sure we could get over the lack of laser beams.


3 thoughts on “Buy Some Hens!

  1. Our neighbor has some of these and they are ALWAYS wandering around in the middle of the road, scratching for grit. They do excellent tick control, but so do chickens. Filth is only due to a lack of human interest in cleaning the area the animals live in (pick up dog poop, clean the litter box, rake out the chicken coop).
    The fecal material they do leave behind is excellent fertilizer too.
    We have more than enough land to keep a herd of cattle, but unless you are willing to put in the time and care, don’t bother to get any animals no matter how cool they look or sound.

  2. i’d love to have them, but kinda cold here. an tooo lazy.
    and tell your friend i am steeling chicken pics ad 1 goose pic. HOPEFULLY to paint. i need to start some chicken paintings.

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