5 thoughts on “For the Liberal Gun Owners

  1. The meme here in so-red-it’s-stupid southeast Missouri from fundie conservatards goes like this: “Go buy as many guns as you can before Obama decrees that all guns are illegal.” What these mouth-breathers fail to recognize is that the NRA is the lobby for gun MANUFACTURERS, and fundies act like wind-up toys. I know someone who works for not much more than minimum wage who has bought four guns in the past month with money I know he doesn’t have out of this ridiculousness. When we, as the liberal majority, fight the war on poverty, let’s remember that some stupid bastards get what they deserve, economically speaking. Maybe eight years of a president who disregarded the Constitution when it suited him conditioned them to expect the same from Obama. Everything south of I-70 in Missouri is a Confederate hellhole.

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