The Golden Ticket (and what it took to get it)

“You are out of your goddamned mind!”

Not exactly the support I had hoped for when explaining my plan for this Friday to The Missus.

About six weeks ago, a company that does massive estate sales posted early pictures as to what was going to be present at a sale that kicks off at 9 a.m. Friday. I had made it a policy to avoid estate sales after my last few escapades had yielded a ton of shit that costs a decent amount of money and was slow in turning around. Still, I’m always on the look out for a good bit of luck and some nice dishware for The Missus. It turns out she grew a fetish for a Depression-Era glassware known as jadeite. Turns out, Martha Stewart had just done a big spread on it and she loved it.

“If you see any of that out on your shopping trips, could you pick it up?” she asked in that sweet and hopeful way that says “I love you” and “If you want to keep doing this, here’s an excuse that won’t make me want to kill you.”

Of course, I knew nothing about it, but as an intellectual, I attacked the problem with the idea that knowledge gain would be best. I bought about six guidebooks on this stuff, dug around on the Internet and kept looking for it at estate sales and flea markets.

The shit was ridiculously expensive. When Martha likes something, so do collectors.

Thirty-five bucks for a fucking plate? With a crack in it? Oh well…

Some savvy shopping, good digging and some luck later, she had a cabinet full of light green bliss. Still, you can’t wave off a hunting instinct just because the hunt is over and people are full. There are worlds to conquer, dammit.

Thus, I found myself sorting through the pictures this company posted online.

What I came to realize early in this set of photos is that they were clearing out a hoarder’s home. The place was piled with shit. The thoughts of what might be crawling under those mounds of crap had me thinking, “No fucking way.”

Still, I thumbed through the thumbnails until I noticed a copy of an old Green Bay Packer program. Then another. Then another. Good stuff, but I could probably live without it.

Then, I found a picture that had my heart in my throat and my stomach in knots for about six weeks.

To the untrained eye, they were scraps of paper. To me, it was like unlocking the Ark of the Covenant.

The Bible talks about the man who finds a treasure in a field, so he goes and sells all he had and buys that field. When he returns, he rejoices over the treasure and what it has brought him.

This parable was swimming through my head as I quickly Googled some information that I intuitively knew. The image was as clear as a bell and right as rain. The four scraps of paper scattered in the middle of this image were ticket stubs from 1959. They had info about the Packers on them.

They were the first four games Vince Lombardi ever coached in Green Bay, all four wins.

I did a quick search to see how rare they were and what they were worth.

Only one had been found. The first game. Certified. At auction: more than $500.

A unique item in the purest sense of the word.

It was then became determined: I had to have them.

And thus, I revealed to my wife how I planned to get them: I’d camp out in my car overnight and be the first person in this house.

And this is how I find myself in the driveway of a stranger in Kaukauna, Wisconsin at 11:30 p.m., waiting eight hours for a chance at a piece of history.

Here’s the running diary. As I write this thing, I don’t even know how it will end as I’m writing it in mostly real time. Typos will be likely. Verbiage will be wild. Click on at your own risk.

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Not All Unpopular Things Are the Same

Issa is a bag of assholes, not that we didn’t know this: We heard from religious leaders whose positions might not be popular, like MLK’s position was not so long ago: This is a constant refrain from these professionally aggrieved penile implants, this “SEE, I SAID IT AND NOW I’LL BE ATTACKED FOR IT” wishful martyr bullshit. Their running around yelling the n-word or opining that rape is fantastic is somehow okay because being called a douchebag means they’re automatically awarded underdog points and we all have to root for them then, right? And, no. Saying something unpopular is not, … Continue reading Not All Unpopular Things Are the Same

Voice for the Voiceless, Silenced

Anthony Shadid, New York Times foreign correspondent, Pulitzer winner, fellow alum of my beloved Daily Cardinal, and a personal hero of mine, has died in Syria: The death of Mr. Shadid, an American of Lebanese descent who had a wife and two children, abruptly ended one of the most storied careers in modern American journalism. Fluent in Arabic, with a gifted eye for detail and contextual writing, Mr. Shadid captured dimensions of life in the Middle East that many others failed to see. Those talents won him aPulitzer Prize for international reporting in 2004 for his coverage of the American … Continue reading Voice for the Voiceless, Silenced

Government Help at the End of the World

Jon Armstrongpulls something out herethat I missed when this article originally made the rounds with all the quick and easy commentary that a) conservatives are inherently fact-free and b) as long as a white person’s getting it, it’s not REALLY welfare. That’s all in there, too, but honestly, lately I’m sitting here staring at my screen just waiting for something different to say because of course, and it’s all hateful, and I am having such a hard time with everything being hateful things we know all about already. I can’t tell you. And from this, it sounds like a lot … Continue reading Government Help at the End of the World

Yeah, we can pretend we’re that

My favorite music of any past year is the stuff I’m still listening to thenext year and the one after that, long after all the year end lists and taking account is past.Sharon Van Etten‘sepic has been on lots of “best” lists for the last two years, and her spanking brand newTramp is already making waves. epic’s “One Day” is one of those songs that always sounds brand new, even after a couple years: She’s the real deal. Go out and get to know her. Continue reading Yeah, we can pretend we’re that

Wisconsin Protests: One Year Anniversary

Protesters marched on the state Capitol today gathering in the Rotunda to sing, chant and commemorate the one year anniversary of the start of the protests against Walker’s “Budget Repair” bill. It was a year ago on Valentine’s Day that UW students and community members delivered Valentines to Walker’s office that asked him“not to break their hearts” with budget cuts. Here is my short video from the march and gathering in the Capitol Rotunda today: Continue reading Wisconsin Protests: One Year Anniversary

The Suffering Olympics

WHITE PEOPLE WIN THEM ALWAYS AND FOREVER: Ness said he’s also heard “heartfelt objections” to the campaign from many “thoughtful, well-meaning” Duluthians. One of those citizens, Phil Pierson, created a Facebook page called “Stop Racist Unfair Campaign” to air objections to it. More than 425 people became members. Pierson frequently posts messages admonishing members to keep the discussion civil, and he deplores the white supremacist rhetoric showing up in some messages to community leaders. Still, said Pierson, the campaign erred by opening with such jarring messages and images. “You can’t open a discussion on race and hope to see it … Continue reading The Suffering Olympics

Whoops, You Suck

Wow, Fitzgerald is a moron: Specifically, the campaign is asking thata number of signatures be struck because postcards sent to those addresses were returned by the U.S. Postal Service as undeliverable. However, checking the addresses on the postcards against those on the petitions shows that the Fitzgerald campaign, either purposefully or accidently, misaddressed numerous postcards, making it likely they would be returned. The very first challenged address (pg. 8) reveals three glaring mistakes made by the campaign. The postcard it sent out was addressed to “Arnold Sodill” of W857 Eipong Terrace, Wisconsin, with no municipality or zip code listed. In … Continue reading Whoops, You Suck

Fighter Pilots in Love

Holy shit, these people: They’d pick a time to meet. Their rendezvous point: 3,000 feet above a bridge at Lake Martin, 25 miles away. He’d be flying a repaired AT6 trainer. She’d be in a much slower Piper J-3 Cub. “When I’d get to Lake Martin, I’d see this bright yellow Cub putt-putting along,” he said. “I’d be real proud: She was on time and on target.” He’d pull down and fly in formation with her. They couldn’t communicate by radio; her Cub didn’t have one. All they could do was smile, wave and blow kisses. Seeing each other in … Continue reading Fighter Pilots in Love

Lunch is for Closers

Ugh: The bill’s sponsor, state representative J.R. Hoell, argued that companies failing to provide lunch breaks would be shamed over social media, thus rendering the law unnecessary. “If they are not letting people have lunch, they could put it out though the news media, though social media. I don’t think that abusive behavior would continue, the way communications are today,” he said. Of course, not every employer can be counted to to follow even the easiest of requirements to look after workers’ health and rights. Back in 2005, Walmart was forcedto pay $172 million for denying workers their lunch breaks. … Continue reading Lunch is for Closers

Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Primary Colorless Edition

Good morning, gentle people – the double iso chamber is still set up, and may remain so until after the election, or until there’s nobody left on FR except Jim Rob and his immediate family.

This edition of Obsession is going to be a bit of a grab bag, as the RINOs and No True Conservatives pile up like cars in a Florida chain-reaction car wreck. Let’s get started!

Before we get to the evisceration of WND, Ann Coulter, John Bolton, Komen, et. al –

I present – Pissed off!

2 U.S. marines in urinating video ID’d by corps
ap ^ | 1/12/12 | staff

Posted on Thursday, January 12, 2012 8:35:31 PM byNachum

An official says the U.S. Marine Corps has identified at least two of the four marines in an internet video that purports to depict them urinating on Taliban corpses in Afghanistan. A marine official said Thursday that the four were members of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, which returned to its home base in North Carolina last fall after a tour in Afghanistan. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because a criminal investigation is underway. The official said that at least some of the four marines are no longer in that battalion. He provided no other details. (Snip) Panetta

1 posted on Thursday, January 12, 2012 8:35:35 PM byNachum
Of course, you’d expect the brunt of the Freeper vitriol to be directed against the Lying Em Ess Em for spreading such scurrilous lying crap against our angels in MARPAT, wouldn’t you?
Sadly, non !

To: ColdOne

Where’s the snitch that videoed it?
Surely the ones who did it weren’t foolish enough to HAVE it recorded?!

17 posted on Thursday, January 12, 2012 9:04:49 PM byTucker39

“In a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught.”

To: Nachum

Can no one keep their mouth shut?

22 posted on Thursday, January 12, 2012 9:42:31 PM bypacpam (action=consequence and applies in all cases – friend of victory


.To: Tucker39

“Where’s the snitch that videoed it?
Surely the ones who did it weren’t foolish enough to HAVE it recorded?!”

That is where these guys made their mistake. It’s one thing to what they did but they absolutely knew this guy was filming and went through with it. He told them twice that he was filming it.

War is hell and stuff like this happens. But it happens in battle.To do it for fun on camera and to show off, bad move. These guys are going to pay for their stupidity.

32 posted on Friday, January 13, 2012 6:53:10 AM bySnark

For fun.

To: Nachum
An official says the U.S. Marine Corps has identified at least two of the four marines in an internet video that purports to depict them urinating on Taliban corpses in Afghanistan.

So what? My response to the Marine Corp. would be…Nick Berg. Daniel Pearl.

And they’re worried about some pee on a corpse?

3 posted on Thursday, January 12, 2012 8:41:46 PM byBloody Sam Roberts

I’m sorry – which branch of the military did Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl serve in, again?
And exactlyhow close to a terrorist cell’s actions do the actions of our armed forces have tobe, anyway?
Should they practice beheading before cameras, or just pissing on corpses?
If pissing on corpses is the new way, the proper procedure’s gonna have to be included in theITS and MCSS somewhere.

To: tet68

piss on them…all of them!

5 posted on Thursday, January 12, 2012 8:45:42 PM byldish (Looking forward to Independence Day)
To: Nachum
Let me see if I have this straight.
I doubt that you’ve ever had anything straight in your entire wasted life.

During war it is okay to shot and kill an enemy combatant.

But you can never ever piss on their dead bodies?

Geneva Convention II of 1949

Art 18. After each engagement, Parties to the conflict shall, without delay, take all possible measures to search for and collect the shipwrecked, wounded and sick, to protect them against pillage and ill-treatment, to ensure their adequate care, and to search for the dead andprevent their being despoiled.

There is something wrong with that mentality.

There is something wrong with you, mentally.

The dead seem to have more rights then the living.

24 posted on Thursday, January 12, 2012 9:49:47 PM byjusta-hairyape
Go fuck yourself.
As if that wasn’t enough, a gruesome grab bag of gooniness awaits below the End Of All Thngs.

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War on the Modern World

Go for it. Just go for it. Burn it all down. Pile everything you’ve ever said was important to you in the street, douse it in gasoline, and let the blaze light up the sky. This puts it all on the table. Republicans and Catholics and Republican Catholics and Republicans who just say they’re Catholic and Catholics who are Republican because abortion seems yucky are now all just going to have to say it now. They would rather lots and lots of women die from preventable conditions, too many unwanted children, and abortions that should never have to happen, than … Continue reading War on the Modern World

Boardwalk Empire Thread: Shooting Up The Ritz


Gyp Rosetti is moving in on Nucky Thompson’s Atlantic City
fiefdom. In fact, Nucky is on the run after Gyp’s guys burst into Nucky’s suite
at the Ritz and shot up the joint in the opening scene of Two Impostors. The Nuckster is bound to be banned from swank hotel
life after this. It makes a Keith Moon room trashing look sedate. I suspect the
AC Ritz would rather have Led Zeppelin as guests. Should I go on? Nah.

On to a few terse comments about the not so terse turf war, and then I’ll tersely order a surf and turf:

Chalky’s Back:
I’ve been demanding the return of my favorite illiterate but awesome gangster for
weeks now. We’ve had a few Chalky teasers but he’s back in his full blown
glory. Why? Nucky runs home to Chalky after Gyp’s gang seriously wounds his
faithful factotum Eddie. It takes time for Nucky to fully grovel but after Gyp
offers Chalky $25K to sell out Nucky, the latter finally gives in.

Chalky’s proto-Buppie future son-in-law reappears to doctor Eddie’s
gut wound. He keeps saying: “I’m only a student” but it looks like
he’s got a promising future as a mob surgeon. It’s unclear as to whether Eddie will make it
but, hey, at least Nucky knows he has a family now.

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Oh NO YOU DON’T, Swift Boat Assholes

Not. Again. The founder of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, John O’Neill told Fox News’ Hannity that if Barack Obama nominates John Kerry to Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense the group will “do the very best we can” to protest the appointment. Twitter is full of this bitchery this morning, armchair warriors yelling about the sacredness of our military and how JOHN KERRY IS A GAY FAGGORT and all manner of other oldsauce nonsense. The only saving grace in trying to re-run smears is that in our brand-new information superhighway magical mystery Internet wonderland, anything we’ve heard more … Continue reading Oh NO YOU DON’T, Swift Boat Assholes

Guest Post: From Storm-Aftermath Central

A guest post from a good New Yorker friend of mine, Sexy Feminist co-founder Jennifer Keishin Armstrong. I asked Jennifer to give me a picture of what was happening in her neck of the woods post-storm, about who was okay and who wasn’t and what’s happening right now. By Jennifer Keishin Armstrong It turns out that if you aren’t in absolute immediate horrible danger during a hurricane (as many people were, and that is unimaginable) … if you get through a hurricane having experienced just a power outage and a lot of howling winds from the relative privilege of your … Continue reading Guest Post: From Storm-Aftermath Central

Staten Island Still Suffering

The poor and vulnerable are always the most at risk: The residents of Staten Island are pleading for help from elected officials, begging for gasoline, food and clothing three days after Sandy slammed the New York City borough. “We’re going to die! We’re going to freeze! We got 90-year-old people!” Donna Solli told visiting officials. “You don’t understand. You gotta get your trucks down here on the corner now. It’s been three days!” Staten Island was one of the hardest-hit communities in New York City. More than 80,000 residents are still without power. Many are homeless, and at least 19 … Continue reading Staten Island Still Suffering

Malaka Of The Week: Michael Bloomberg

I’ve never cared for Michael Bloomberg. Arrogant plutocratic billionaires aren’t my cup of tea. But I’ve never spent much time thinking about him. That has changed. Not because of his endorsement of the Prez, but because of his preposterously arrogant and hubristic (izzat a word?) plan to hold the New York Marathon as scheduled this weekend.That’s why Mayor Billionaire Media Mogul is malaka of the week. Lemme see: half of Manhattan doesn’t have power, they’re still finding dead bodies in Staten Island and Mayor Malaka is determined to tie up police resources with a marathon? Methinks his priorities are a … Continue reading Malaka Of The Week: Michael Bloomberg

A cure for electile dysfunction

The end of election season is mercifully arriving this week. Politicians can stop showing up at college campuses and pretending they know where the hell they are. Special interest groups can stop running ads that tell you everything from how Mitt Romney once ate a small child that was birthed from one of his sister-wives to the way Barack Obama is preparing to launch a “Brown Dawn” attack on us with his Negro Army. And, most thankfully, the pollsters can stop calling the house to make absolutely, positively sure that we haven’t changed our mind on Romney, Obama or a … Continue reading A cure for electile dysfunction