Whoops, You Suck

Wow, Fitzgerald is a moron:

Specifically, the campaign is asking thata number of signatures be struck because postcards sent to those addresses were returned by the U.S. Postal Service as undeliverable. However, checking the addresses on the postcards against those on the petitions shows that the Fitzgerald campaign, either purposefully or accidently, misaddressed numerous postcards, making it likely they would be returned.

The very first challenged address (pg. 8) reveals three glaring mistakes made by the campaign. The postcard it sent out was addressed to “Arnold Sodill” of W857 Eipong Terrace, Wisconsin, with no municipality or zip code listed. In fact, the actual petition was signed by “Arnold Wodill” of W8571 Lake George Terrace, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

What a FUCKING CLOWN SHOW. I seriously hope part of the lesson people take from all this, once these people are thrown out on their anti-democratic asses, is that if you want to be evil you’d better be at least halfway competent, because this is just gross.