The Suffering Olympics


Ness said he’s also heard “heartfelt objections” to the campaign from many “thoughtful, well-meaning” Duluthians.

One of those citizens, Phil Pierson, created a Facebook page called “Stop Racist Unfair Campaign” to air objections to it. More than 425 people became members.

Pierson frequently posts messages admonishing members to keep the discussion civil, and he deplores the white supremacist rhetoric showing up in some messages to community leaders.

Still, said Pierson, the campaign erred by opening with such jarring messages and images.

“You can’t open a discussion on race and hope to see it move in a positive direction when you raise the topic by stereotyping an entire race,” Pierson said. “It spreads animosity and hate, teaches a new generation to point fingers and [focuses] on the color of our skin instead of the idea that we’re all human.”

Why yes. Imagine what it must be like to walk around feeling like you have to constantly apologize for all the stupid shit people who look like you in the tiniest way are doing. How much would that suck, right? Every time Lindsey Lohan shows her cooter on TMZ or some stupid asshead crashes a car into a kindergarten, there has to be a panel of experts discussing The Problem With Those People and a column or two in the newspaper about what’s wrong with Your Culture. Boy, would that blow.

I am ashamed of my fellow white people frequently. We do fucking stupid things like employ Tim Allen or let people sell us something called a “prosperity gospel,” and also tend to go around enslaving other people on the basis of they’re weird-looking so fuck ’em. However, lately I’m never more ashamed than when we need toprove we’re not racist by throwing this kind of epic hissy whenever somebody points out how racist we are.

Nothing says “I’m not a racist” like comparing being asked to consider your racism with actual, you know, racism.