Not All Unpopular Things Are the Same

Issa is a bag of assholes, not that we didn’t know this:

We heard from religious leaders whose positions might not be popular, like MLK’s position was not so long ago:

This is a constant refrain from these professionally aggrieved penile implants, this “SEE, I SAID IT AND NOW I’LL BE ATTACKED FOR IT” wishful martyr bullshit. Their running around yelling the n-word or opining that rape is fantastic is somehow okay because being called a douchebag means they’re automatically awarded underdog points and we all have to root for them then, right?

And, no. Saying something unpopular is not, in and of itself, brave. There is nothing virtuous in hating something other people like full stop. We tend to romanticize the existence of the voice in the wilderness in and of itself, instead of actually listening to what that voice is saying. If a moron yowls in a forest and nobody agrees with him, that doesn’t mean he’s making a sound.

Some things — that birth control is evil, for example — are unpopular for a reason and speaking out in their defense is not a brave act but a middle-school cry for attention. Look at me, saying the unpopular thing! Yes, look at you, the lone voice against the world. Look at you, the fucking idiot.


7 thoughts on “Not All Unpopular Things Are the Same

  1. Similarly, global warming deniers and creationists claim to be following in the footsteps of Galileo, who was persecuted for contradicting the scientific orthodoxy of his time.

  2. The song of suffering of the abusive asshat. Objecting to the abuse is worse than the abuse.

  3. Mitch, I was just coming on to make the same observation, because that’s the other one I always hear.

  4. Jesus told his disciples they’d suffer and be martyred for spreading the Gospel. As I observed in a religion column more than 15 years ago (and not using LOLCAT-speak), they misinterpret these words of Christ to believe that if ur not suffrin then ur not doin it rite. So they behave in ways guaranteed to make other act toward them in such a way that they can claim to be suffering, or even martyred.
    Even here in the Bible Belt, that column got overwhelmingly positive email response.
    And writ large, it explains much of the behavior of today’s conservatives: Behave abusively, and when you’re called on it, play the victim.

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