Grendel Gander the Sinister Goose

My friend and blogger nemesisMichael (The Money Badger) Homan has written a kid’s book with illustrations by one of his kin folks, Peat Duggins.Here’s how the sinister goose describes itself: “I’m mean & I’m nasty, I’m full of abuse. I’m evil incarnate, a most sinister goose! If you think I am kind then your idea’s absurd, I am a low-down stinking fowl-feathered bird!” The book is clearly autobiographical.For more info, check out Homan’s post about it. Continue reading Grendel Gander the Sinister Goose

Summing It Up

“Had there been a Fox News back in 1960, I’m sure there would have been a Woolworth’s Lunch-counter Appreciation Day, too.” And it would have been covered with the same breathless infotainment TV horseshit as this was, which I can’t even. You know, it’s one thing to cover something like this in case a riot breaks out. It’s another to take this utter confusion of brand loyalties with values, and treat it like a member of a governing body doing something, or a natural disaster, or even a real human interest story. This is a fake fucking joke dreamed up … Continue reading Summing It Up

Hey, Driftglass is Famous

A little happiness on a lousy day: Another anonymous commentator, a man who blogs about Chicago politics and pop culture while identifying himself only as Driftglass, says the mayor’s race is ripe for skewering on social media “because absent of an issue, it’s about personalities. That’s what good humor is about. You don’t hear five-minute routines on TIF funding, but you’re hearing Rahm Emanuel using ‘f—-.’ “ He notes, too, that Chicago’s political system is being shaken up for the first time in decades. “Other cities have transitions every four to six years. They know how to do it. We … Continue reading Hey, Driftglass is Famous

The Kids are alright!

Sorry for breaking out of my cage, but I thought we could all use some good news this morning. At the end of September, I received a notification from that a Journalism class needed help to buy a decent digital SLR camera. Donorschoose offered $25 in matching funds, so I donated more in the name of First Draft. Got this today: Dear Tommy, We are honestly completely overwhelmed and excited about the new camera we received last week. in just this short amount of time, I have seen a dramatic increase in the students’ enthusiasm for journalism and the … Continue reading The Kids are alright!

No More Hippie Punching

I was a genuine hippie at one point in my life. I saw the Grateful Dead more times than I can remember <insert joke> had long hair when it was still possible for me to grow it and wore the same jeans jacket for 7 years. (A friend called it my “drug coat” and she wasn’t far wrong.) I drew the line, however, at hackey sack, patchouli oil and incense. Feh. This post is NOT about literal hippies but about the virtual hippies of the so-called professional left. I’m somewhat jealous of them, actually, since I am merely one of … Continue reading No More Hippie Punching

Not the only one

Yeah, yeah, posting out of turn and all but it’s Friday, plus Athenae said I could do some extra RT5-related posting. Pretty sure she meantduring, rather thanafter, the event but hey, in New Orleans, the party never really ends. Credit/blame toracymind for the song. It was on her ipod, we did pass byHammond, it became part of the trip soundtrack. But it does work here, too, because it’s a song — a story really — about families, mostly about choice, about what and who you choose to stand for and with. About how sometimes what might seem a choice to … Continue reading Not the only one

Mac McClelland’s Rising Tide 5 Keynote

If you have a bit of spare time to watch it, Mac’s keynote was both entertaining and informative. My favorite bit was when she called Governor PBJ “a fucking douchebag.” Mac definitely had her Mother Jones as well as her Mojo working or are they the same thing? Mac was introduced by her Bloody Mary tech andNOLA blogger, Jeffrey Bostick: p align=”center” class=”asset asset-video” style=”display: block; margin: 0pt auto;”> Rising Tide V: Keynote by Mother Jones reporter Mac McClelland (28 Aug 2010 NOLA) fromSophielab onVimeo. Continue reading Mac McClelland’s Rising Tide 5 Keynote

First Draft Does Rising Tide

Rising Tide 5 was such a great success that I’m still exhausted from all the talking, eating and drinking I did last weekend. I’m way too tired to be coherent but I wanted to post a picture of the First Draft bloggers who attended. Dr. A took the snap first thing in the morning. The other shot was better of me but I decided to take one for the team. From left to right: Michael F, Virgo Tex et moi: I hope that Athenae, Jude and the rest of the gang can make it next year. Continue reading First Draft Does Rising Tide

Mac McClelland of Mother Jones To Speak At Rising Tide 5

It’s shameless plug time again. This morning on behalf of Rising Tide, Oyster made this announcement: Mac McClelland, human rights journalist forMother Jones, has agreed to be keynote speaker for Rising Tide 5. We’re thrilled to have McClelland at our conference, as she has written many of themost compelling storiesabout the oil gusher’s effect on coastal communities. Mac will be the first woman keynoter in Rising Tide history and we’re delighted to have her. The Conference will be held August 28, 2010 at the Howlin’ Wolf in New Orleans.For more information, click here. Continue reading Mac McClelland of Mother Jones To Speak At Rising Tide 5

Another Shameless Rising Tide 5 Plug

Our littleRising Tide conference is coming up in the world. Our fearless leader, Dangerblond has arranged for a group hotel rate for out of town attendees: We have a Rising Tide 5 group rate at theMarriott Springhill SuitesHotel, across the street from The Howlin’ Wolf.’ Thurs night, 8/26 – Sun night, 8/29 = $79.00 per night All rooms are “suites” with sitting room/office area Rate applies to rooms with 1 king bed or 2 double beds Double rooms sleep 6, King rooms sleep 4 Telephone 1.888.364.1200 to make reservations. The cutoff date for reservations is August 9th. Single Reservation.Double Reservation. … Continue reading Another Shameless Rising Tide 5 Plug

Rising Tide 5

It’s hard to believe but the fifth annual Rising Tide Conference is just around the corner. First Draft’s very own Scout Prime suggested the idea for the first one and a bunch of NOLA bloggers took the ball and ran with it. If you’re interested in learning more, head over The conference will be held Saturday 8/28 at theHowlin’ Wolf in New Orleans. If you can’t attendwe accept donations as well. Holy pledge week, Batman. We’ll have all sorts of interesting and, hopefully, entertaining content planned. I’ll be moderating the annual politics panel, which thus far features the dean … Continue reading Rising Tide 5

Republicans vs. The Internet

Advantage: Internet: Instead of making lots of little guns and cannons for the war we should use the funds to make one really really big cannon that shoots nukes that shoot out smaller nukes. It should be shaped like a |>3ni$ and called “the big shot” The password is password. This is fun. It’s like agent Smith infecting everybody in the matrix until everyone is and agent Smith clone. Someone call Neo! I like to think of myself as a real American with real opinions on things and so I want you to know that you should vote YES on … Continue reading Republicans vs. The Internet


My frenemyMichael Homan obviously has too much time on his hands. He’s decided to become the Ed Wood of the NOLA blogoshpere with an oil geyser inspired homage toGodzilla. I’m not sure if he wore an angora sweater and women’s underwear during the shoot but I certainly hope not: p align=”center” class=”asset asset-video” style=”margin: 0pt auto; display: block;”> Continue reading Geauxjira

Quote This, You Prick

Yes, it’s true. So, a friend was having a debate about health care via the Internets the other day. She shared with me the following quotes that the anti-health-care-for-everyone douchebag was using to buttress his position. Here they are: “You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.” – Abraham Lincoln “Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have … The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases.” -Thomas Jefferson “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent … Continue reading Quote This, You Prick

Another First Draft Reader-Supported Project Gets Off the Ground

Our resident Freepaholic, Tommy, asked you some time back to join in supporting a journalism project to help make tomorrow’s media. In just a day you had that one handled the way you’d handled the two I asked about the week prior, andhere are the results: The teacher involved writes: Dear Tommy, Once again, I would like to thank you all very much for supporting both my Journalism and my Grammar&Composition classes! I had originally anticipated that the LCD projector would be most beneficial to my senior Journalism students because we do a lot of PowerPoint lessons, surfing the net, … Continue reading Another First Draft Reader-Supported Project Gets Off the Ground