The Kids are alright!

Sorry for breaking out of my cage, but I thought we could all use some good news this morning.

At the end of September, I received a notification from that a Journalism class needed help to buy a decent digital SLR camera. Donorschoose offered $25 in matching funds, so I donated more in the name of First Draft.

Got this today:

Dear Tommy,

We are honestly completely overwhelmed and excited about the new camera we received last week. in just this short amount of time, I have seen a dramatic increase in the students’ enthusiasm for journalism and the quality of pictures. I know that our October newspaper issue (and all future issues) will be far superior to anything we have created in the past. It only through your generosity that we have been able to achieve this feat and I am able to keep the journalistic spark alive in our high school. Please believe me when I say this is the kindest gift our class has ever received. Thank you again for your donation!

With gratitude,
Mrs. B.

Sep 25Tommy from Texas
“Class – the camera doesn’t lie. Now go out and capture the truth.”
project photo

project photo project photo
project photo project photo

project photo

4 thoughts on “The Kids are alright!

  1. BZ Tommy!
    This is what I meant last night about doing good locally (and getting some credit for it). In times like these, we’re better off trying to help our friends, neighbors and local down-on-their-luck wingnuts. You can be damn sure the new bosses in DC (same as the old bosses) are not going to help them.
    Now, the local down-on-their-luck wingnuts who take your help and then still spit in your face for your “libtard” outlook? F*ck them.

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