If You Want a Taste of Freedom, Keep Going

They like a big ugly immoral war against another state. The weaker the state, the better. Then our lizardroid corporate overlords can loot all the resources. Actual terrorism is good for them. It may prove to be an even better issue than abortion to keep the sheep in line. Why should they fight terrorism?
And their million and millions of loyal followers are fucking stupid.
They choose to be. You don’t like me calling them stupid? You’re afraid it might not “win them over?” First of all, I’m not trying to win them over. I’m trying to disassociate myself from evil. Secondly, you’re wrong–it probably will win them over. Because they like it. They respect the boot in the face, rudeness, a show of force, a raised voice.
They’re the ones who voted for an overprivileged fratboy deserter who makes speeches dressed in military garb; who demands loyalty oaths from all who would be in his presence; who descends from the sky in a military helicopter amid raving crowds and fireworks displays; and who ignores the real threat of stateless terrorism in favor of invading and occupying a country that was no threat to anyone.
They’re the ones who voted for Abu Ghraib.
Or you don’t like me calling them stupid because it’s unkind and illiberal, and oh, how can I be so elitist? Cry me a river: they are stupid. They believe that Saddam Hussein was directly responsible for September 11, 2001. They think corn syrup is food. They believe that there’s no such thing as stateless terrorism. They believe that “the left” is responsible for the revolting cesspool of popular culture. They don’t believe in evolution.
They think Bush is a godly man. They never wonder why the Republicans never meet their promises to them. They don’t believe in global warming. They do believe in the “Flypaper Strategy.” They believe in one paragraph out of Leviticus, but they ignore the rest of theBible . They let themselves get scammed over and over by robber barons and religious hucksters. And apparently, although I find this hard to conceive of, they believe that the media is liberal. They’re fucking stupid. They’ve been calling me an elitist snob for many years now. Fine. I’m an elitist snob, fuck you very much, you mouth-breathing bloodthirsty fucktard bigot. I work to educate myself. I spend an inordinate amount of time, energy and money to get a more or less accurate idea of what’s going on around me.
But I’ve been wrong. I was wrong–I believed that, given equal access to information and resources, people will work toward their own best interests. I was wrong. Right-wingers will happily cause themselves suffering, as long as it means they can cause someone else a little bit more suffering.
That’s from a post driftglass put up yesterday, from 2004, shortly after Kerry lost the election.
This was the kind of thing we said back then, and it needs saying again, because fuck these people. Yeah, it feels like shit to lose. It feels like shit to be on the short end of any contest. I don’t do almost anything unless I’m sure I can win at it from the moment I take it up. It’s why I’m a shit musician. I don’t want to practice. It’s why I’m a crappy athlete. I want to win my first race and every race thereafter. So losing is not, shall we say, something I particularly enjoy. Ask Doc, I beat him in stupid Facebook games 100 times in a row and get mad when I lose game 101 by two points. I’m a hypercompetitive perfectionist control freak and I HATE LOSING. I hate getting smoked. I hated getting scooped when I was a reporter so bad I used to make Mr. A read the papers and tell me in advance if anything was gonna piss me off. I HATE TODAY.
This is bad, and it’s gonna be bad for more than just me. Lots and lots of people are going to be just stunningly fucked, and it’s them I can’t stop thinking about. It’s friends out of work, kids getting out of school, people I know already hurting who are going to wind up hurting even more because somebody wanted to make a point that Nancy Pelosi sucks. It is bad. But I would not be them if you paid me a million dollars. This feels terrible today, and I think in no small part because we really did feel like we were gonna get somewhere after 2006 and 2008, in no small part because at least when we lost in 2004 it was to the most advanced criminal enterprise America had ever seen, because it seemed like maybe we were going to learn something. This feels terrible today. It should feel terrible today.
Tomorrow, though? We get back up. And we do what we did after 2004, which is to take care of each other. We’ll have to figure out how. A food pantry. A women’s shelter. Letter-writing campaign. A book exchange project, shit, something, we’ll find something to do to make this world a beter place, because you know what fixes burnout and misery? Everybody thinks it’s rest; let me tell you a secret, it’s not rest. It’s more work. Better work. Successful work. So work we will. Suggest stuff in the comments. Suggest ways for us to pick up the buckets and start bailing the water out. The only thing we can do to scare people who’ve just beaten us is to stand back up again, and show we’re not beaten. When it’s all you’ve got, it’s all you’ve got.
Even if you can’t stomach the thought of politics, even if you want to kick every single Democrat in the balls (oh, can I come with on that errand?) and never speak to anyone associated with anything ever again, we are going to have a lot of work to do taking care of each other. I don’t for a minute wish that I was on the winning side today. That side is full of anger, and full of hate, and all they want to do is tear down everything that has been built up over the past two years, pathetically small amount that there is. That side is full of ignorant ass necks who will contribute nothing to society we haven’t heard before, and they will lose. Because we push forward. We get pushed back, but we push forward. They lost in 1921 and they lost in 1964 and they lost in 1992 and they lost in 2008 and they will lose again.

They just didn’t lose today.