Election Night Crack Van

All right. I’ma be by as soon as I get out of the animal shelter. In the meantime, be nice to the guest drivers, take turns going for smokes and road beers, and share the HAMS. Posts in the van belong to their posters. Trolls in the van belong to whoever’s dumb enough to claim them.

Van closed. Thank you to everyone for being here for the Zombie Apocalypse.


15 thoughts on “Election Night Crack Van

  1. All, are you using Firefox? It keeps crapping out on me, I’m switching to Safari.
    Sorry! I’m trying to fix. Code hasn’t changed, but the ads have.

  2. I’m having trouble getting in. For some reason my IE and Chrome both don’t seem to like the Java.
    But can anyone explain to me why 60% for dems is a marginal gain, but 53% for the repub is a landslide, overwhelming mandate from the people (watching Cantor try to say that his continuing the expiring tax cuts isn’t a tax cut. —BLEECH !)

  3. Sorry y’all had so much trouble. I can’t say it was fun but we did have some good lines and a few laughs amidst the gloom. Worst part of night was seeing Feingold and Sestak lose. Just saw the latter’s concession what a good and classy guy.

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