Preaching To The Choir: Ass Hat Edition

Rodney Crowell’s ex-wife, Rosanne Cash, made headlines today for calling Leader Boner an ass hat on the Tweeter Tube. Boner threw in a reference to Rosanne’s very liberal late father, Johnny, in some speech and Rosie let him have it. Well played, Ms. Cash.

You’re probably wondering why I mentioned Rodney Crowell first. Here’s why: a swell version of his tunePreaching To The Choir with Will Kimbrough strumming alongside Rodney.

3 thoughts on “Preaching To The Choir: Ass Hat Edition

  1. goddamn you.
    I have a long post I just wrote on this for Wednesday saved as a draft.

  2. You know, I’m not always a big fan of Big Pharma, but credit where credit is due, they tried to warn us: If you let a Boehner stick around for more than 4 hours, it *does* get painful.

  3. Post it any way, Becky. I still want to read it. I couldn’t resist I had the Crowell tune in my head and found a good version.

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