Preaching to the choir

Hmm, can an atheist like me do such a thing? Sure, when it’s a godless commie pinko librul choir. My friendRCB at used to be disgusted has posted an excellent list of reasons you might should vote Dem:

If you see the long-term problem with a philosophy that says“Economy going well? Cut taxes!” and“Economy going poorly? Cut taxes!” Vote Dem.

If you disagree that separation of Church and state ismainly associated with Hitler, Vote Dem.

If you don’t think you shouldhave to subscribe to the fire department in the first place, Vote Dem.

If you think President Reagan’s budget directorknows what he’s talking about, Vote Dem.

If you don’t like the idea of your Congressmanspending weekends dressing up like a Nazi, Vote Dem.

If you don’t think the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell judge isas dangerous to America as Al-Qaeda, Vote Dem.

If you don’t think that our country would be better offeliminating federal student loans and Pell grants, Vote Dem.

If the fact you“haven’t seen a half-monkey, half-person yet” doesn’t quite disprove evolution, Vote Dem.

If you don’t think it’s a good idea tototally eliminate the minimum wage, Vote Dem.

If you don’t think a guypitching “post-apocalypse” food is the best guy to trust about the present, Vote Dem.

6 thoughts on “Preaching to the choir

  1. Love the list.
    And may I ask what is it with the candidates that are advertising a “detailed plan” to generate jobs. And the detailed plan is to refuse job-killing taxes? That is a detailed plan?
    Kind of on the vein of my detailed plan to generate jobs is to generate jobs.
    Or remember Steve Martin with a sure-fire plan to make a million dollars..,…First you start with 2 million dollars…

  2. “Food insurance” eh? Obviously another one of Glenn Becks scams. Naturally, the Fox News Numbskulls will fall all over themselves purchasing this bullshit. I went to the website – $200 bucks for TWO WEEKS supply of food for ONE person?? bwahahahahahahahahaha! You’ve gotta be shitting me.

  3. It’s catfood, presumably. BTW, if like many Americans you want to preserve Social Security, you’ll probably have to vote for a third party.

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