Grendel Gander the Sinister Goose

Homan book

My friend and blogger nemesisMichael (The Money Badger) Homan has written a kid’s book with illustrations by one of his kin folks, Peat Duggins.Here’s how the sinister goose describes itself:

“I’m mean & I’m nasty, I’m full of abuse. I’m evil incarnate, a most sinister goose! If you think I am kind then your idea’s absurd, I am a low-down stinking fowl-feathered bird!”

The book is clearly autobiographical.For more info, check out Homan’s post about it.

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  1. Thanks to my frienemy for posting this. The illustrator’s name is Peat Duggins, and more important, there is a turtle in this book that is based on Adrastos.

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