7 thoughts on “Penguin Win

  1. From Wikipedia for Magellanic Penguin they are native to both coasts of South America. I could have sworn that I’ve seen the keepers there feed them fish (especially hand-feeding the young) as well as throwing various foods in the water where it is a free for all as everyone dives in the water. From wikipedia:
    Magellanic Penguins feed in the water, preying on cuttlefish, sardines, squid, krill, and other crustaceans, and ingest sea water with their prey. Their salt-excreting gland rids the salt from their bodies.
    Thinking about the set up, I’d be pretty sure that the foods for the penguins have to be obtained either fresh or fresh frozen – and direct from the distributor. However, there may be a plan where you can adopt a penguin.
    The penguin exhibit there is first rate. Plus Forrest Lake Zoo doesn’t charge admission. They charge for parking, but you can usually find a spot not too far away that is on the street.
    Finally a reason to be proud of being in Missouri !!! Plus, I’m not too concerned for Gingrich as a bite from a penguin isn’t likely to be much worse than a strong pinch.

  2. I hope the penguin received immediate medical attention.
    Also, I have to presume Newt mistook the penguin for a lobbyist in a tuxedo and reflexively reached out for a donation.

  3. One of my all-time favorite jokes:
    A man was driving down the highway with a van full of penguins. A cop pulled him over and told him if he didn’t want a ticket he’d better take those penguins straight to the zoo. The man promised he would and drove off.
    The next day, the same highway, the same van, the same guy, the same cop and
    the same penguins — only this time the penguins were all wearing sunglasses.
    The cop pulled the guy over and said, “I thought I told you to take these
    penguins to the zoo!”
    “I did” said the guy, “Today I’m taking them to the beach!”

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