Summing It Up

“Had there been a Fox News back in 1960, I’m sure there would have been a Woolworth’s Lunch-counter Appreciation Day, too.”

And it would have been covered with the same breathless infotainment TV horseshit as this was, which I can’t even. You know, it’s one thing to cover something like this in case a riot breaks out. It’s another to take this utter confusion of brand loyalties with values, and treat it like a member of a governing body doing something, or a natural disaster, or even a real human interest story.

This is a fake fucking joke dreamed up by various PR-minded tools, and instead of saying no, we don’t want to provide free advertising to both a chicken restaurant and a political party, everybody falls all over themselves to GET ON THE STORY!!1!


11 thoughts on “Summing It Up

  1. Local paper here for the West Monroe, LA, Chick-fil-A TeaBag party captured a couple of hand-written signs:
    “Stand Up For Ameican Values”
    “Preseve the Constitution”
    These old bastards seem to have a limited supply of fingerpaints for the lowercase “r”.
    check it out— (news gallery) …
    average age appears to be 85, but one young douche IN A FUCKING SWEATER-VEST in 101-degree heat brings the average down a bit.

  2. If there were any journalists still working in the news media they would have reported on just exactly what that biblical view of the family looked like that these people ate chicken at these restaurants to support. Then they would really have a story with legs.

  3. If there were any journalists still working in the news media, Rupert Murdoch would roll over in his grave. Oh, wait. He’s not in his grave yet. Damn!

  4. Wow, a bunch of bigots ate fast food to prove … they were bigots.
    I’m crushed.

  5. Aw, Athenae, this is CHEAP news at its finest. The local stations covered it like crazy, and why not? Lotsa good shots, back-and-forth shouting without being actually violent, and best of all, it was right down the street! Didn’t have to send the chopper or anything.
    Interview a hater, interview a human, and back to the station before the coffee gets cold. What’s not to love?

  6. I don’t watch TV news anymore, but I was in a bar the other day, and the televisions were all tuned to NBC (for the Olympics, of course). I was there for one local news broadcast and the national one.
    There was serious fighting in Syria, that nutburger from Colorado was getting charged, and a whole host of other important shit was going on in the world. The news barely mentioned any of that, and instead served as a 20-minute commercial for the fucking Olympics. The national program was far, far worse in this regard than the local.
    I listened, and I was pretty sure I could hear the wailing of Walter Cronkite’s shade from the great beyond.

  7. I second Adrastos. Popeye’s is one of my occasional guilty pleasures, along with Hubig’s fried pies. I can’t have the pies now, but if I’m to have a guilty pleasure, it was never and will never be Chick-Fil-A.

  8. Count me as favoring Popeye’s over Bigot Fil-A as well…though in true, teeth-grinding Red Stick fashion, the mouth breathers did what they were told yesterday…sigh.

  9. Here in Greensboro, home of the Woolworth’s sit-ins, the local daily (for which I toiled for 22 years) didn’t draw any such comparison. They also failed to notice that the state’s largest Wendy’s franchise owner has publicly supported Chick-Fil-A.

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