Ross Douthat Asks a Question

Does freedom make women unhappy?

This guy has an answer.


7 thoughts on “Ross Douthat Asks a Question

  1. serge says:


  2. Geeno says:

    That was great – and those cookies look delicious

  3. pansypoo says:

    maybe the freedom led to having to work outside as WELL as inside the home.
    awesome cookie rant. my coffee bean sugar cookies are not as pretty.

  4. Lex says:

    That comment, in addition to being full of chocolatey-chippy-cappucino-y goodness, was also full of WIN.

  5. whet moser says:

    Jezebel’s destruction of Douthat’s column is also well-worth your time, even though it does not have cookies.
    Say what you will about David Brooks – I’ve actually been in the same room as him, and even though I think he’s a dink he didn’t give me the actual creeps. I’d be afraid the Times’s new beta version of him would start telling my fiancee to drop out of law school and get off the pill.
    Ew, basically.

  6. fsad says:

    Well, print may not be dead, 好秘书我爱皮肤中国公文网

  7. The Other Sarah says:

    Bitchin’ cookies. 🙂
    But Douthat? Here’s the deal, butthat:
    Working women don’t make salaries comparable to men’s. It’s back down in the 70-cents-per-dollar range now. The level of unhappiness isn’t higher because they’re free. It’s higher because everything costs so much more now than it did 40 years ago, and they’re still being hammered back into second-class status to make white male losers like you think they’re top dogs.

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