11 thoughts on “Bloggers Are Parasites Killing the Host

  1. Excellent.
    As you’ve mentioned previously, this is what we counter with when David Simon (and others) moan about bloggers not being there when and where the shit goes down. Not every blogger is a Marcy Wheeler but she is an example to any blogger who wants to think bigger.
    I remember watching that coverage of the Libby trial (mentioned in the blurb at the link), watching Marcy and Jane Hamsher (just out of the fucking hospital) standing in the snow outside that courthouse, telling us stuff we weren’t getting from the MSM. It made a big impression.

  2. Brava! Emptywheel proves once again that it’s not the medium, it’s what you do with it.

  3. I have noticed a trend in the past decade. Lefties in their pictures are smiling. It is refreshing.

  4. OK, not every blogger is Marcy Wheeler, but damn few trad-media journalists are that good either.
    As for the Professional Journalist class … they run so damn far behind they wouldn’t finish win, place, or show in the following race.

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