Your President Speaks!

Today, at the White House, pushing “financial literacy”. It Will Be Missed Opportunity If you’re not sure how money works, it will be missed opportunity for people from all walks of life. When People Talks Terms It is in this country’s interest that people in every neighborhood, from every background, understand the financial literacy world; understand what it means when people talks terms related to their money. People From Community-Based-Program America And I thank those from the private sector for joining us. We’ve got people from corporate America, we’ve got people from faith-based America, we’ve got people from community-based-program America, … Continue reading Your President Speaks!

Car Bombings Don’t Count

Not to the Bush Assministration. U.S. officials who say there has been a dramatic drop in sectarian violence in Iraq since President Bush began sending more American troops into Baghdad aren’t counting one of the main killers of Iraqi civilians. Car bombs and other explosive devices have killed thousands of Iraqis in the past three years, but the administration doesn’t include them in the casualty counts it has been citing as evidence that the surge of additional U.S. forces is beginning to defuse tensions between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. President Bush explained why in a television interview Tuesday. “If the … Continue reading Car Bombings Don’t Count

Stuck On Pony

From the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll: President Bush’s approval ratings remain near all-time lows: 60% of those polled disapprove of the job that Bush is doing in general, down only slightly from a 61% disapproval rating last December. Thirty-five percent of individuals surveyed approve of the job he’s doing and another 5% are unsure. A vast majority (74%) say the next president should take a different approach than Bush has. This makes the third consecutive NBC/WSJ poll (dating back to January) in which Chimpy’s job perofrmance rated 35% approval and 60% disapproval. Continue reading Stuck On Pony

The War On Children

The United States of America becomes the first country in the history of the world to charge a child with war crimes. The U.S. military has charged a 20-year-old Canadian held at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as a suspected terrorist with murder and other crimes, the Pentagon announced. Omar Ahmed Khadr, captured by U.S. troops in Afghanistan when he was 15, was formally charged with murder, attempted murder, conspiracy, providing material support for terrorism and spying, according to the Pentagon’s announcement on Tuesday. The charge of murder stems from a gunfight during which he threw a … Continue reading The War On Children

Your President Speaks!

Today, at the White House, in honor or Malaria Awareness Day. REUTERS/Jason Reed The Decider-Solver Admiral Ziemer. So if you want to solve a problem, you put a problem solver in charge. And that’s what Admiral Ziemer does. He’s a problem solver. Brazil And The United States Shares A Compassion About People It makes it easier for me, when I say to other nations — like with President Lula. He came to visit at Camp David. We were trying to figure out ways we could work together to show our hemisphere and the world that Brazil and the United States … Continue reading Your President Speaks!

Say It Anyway…

…51% of New Orleans is at or above sea level and the national interest requires its restoration. Oyster has this from Jarvis DeBerry… The Dutch, who once considered New Orleans engineers to be the foremost authorities on flood control, have since built flood protection systems they expect to fail — at most — once every 10,000 years. And still they push to make those systems more reliable. Our government officials emit a long, low whistle when it’s pointed out how many billions it will take to really protect New Orleans.* …When it comes to protecting this area, we may never … Continue reading Say It Anyway…

Columnwhoring: War Czar, Bitches!

Link: Our expectations of our government are criminally low these days. We barely ask that you escape indictment in order to qualify to lead us. We take it as a matter of course that you will lie, cheat, steal, foul up and still somehow deserve our vote. Now, to be president, it seems you don’t even need to deal with the wars you start. What else is left in the job, if war is somebody else’s task? Taxes? Handshakes? Ribbon-cuttings and speeches to chambers of commerce? Miss America has a more demanding schedule. It’s hard to imagine Abraham Lincoln appointing … Continue reading Columnwhoring: War Czar, Bitches!

Henry Waxman’s Busy Day

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform subpoenas the RNC. The subpoena for the Republican National Committee comes in Waxman’s probe of whether Bush administration officials — including the president’s chief political strategist, Karl Rove — have attempted to circumvent the Presidential Records Act, a post-Watergate law designed to preserve White House records, by using RNC e-mail accounts to conduct government business. Congressional investigators uncovered the use of the RNC e-mail addresses by White House staffers as they looked into the role of politics in the firing of eight U.S. attorneys. The subpoena gives the RNC two weeks to … Continue reading Henry Waxman’s Busy Day

Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Daytrips to the Mall

The Freepi know better than Pat Tillman’s family: Here’s an interesting question: You are a commander in hostile territory and soldier is accidentally killed by friendly fire. That soldier’s hot-tempered brother is a convoy behind the dead soldier’s. Do you want to take the risk of telling a soldier who is already under incredible stress and strain that Billy over there just killed his big brother by mistake? Does that sound like a scenario that will assist unit cohesion? Would it be better if the brother was informed right away and he snapped and killed another soldier or two? This … Continue reading Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Daytrips to the Mall

Orleans Parish Coroner on finding Katrina remains: “There are more people out there”

In a press conference to begin a fund raising effort to build a memorial and mausoleum so 100 forgotten victims of Katrina can finally be given the respect and dignity of a decent burial, Orleans Parish Coronor Dr. Frank Minyard stated there are more bodies to be found in New Orleans. My transcript from part of the WGNO-TV 26 video report… REPORTER PAUL MURPHY: They are the forgotten victims of Katrina. 100 bodies now warehoused in a nondescript building near downtown New Orleans. 70 have names, 30 have yet to be identified, none have been claimed by their families. Orleans … Continue reading Orleans Parish Coroner on finding Katrina remains: “There are more people out there”

Fried Rice

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (chaired by Rep. Henry Waxman just voted 21-10 to subpoena Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. In the same linked article you will find that the Senate Judiciary Committee has approved (but not issued) a subpoena of Karl Rove aide Sara Taylor, a former National Co-Chair of the College Republicans who resigned her position as Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Political Affairs on March 30 after her name “came up a number of times… during the Kyle Sampson hearing.” Continue reading Fried Rice

Your President Speaks!

Today, in Harlem. They Got The Goat Drunk For Him I appreciate you making a Texan feel right at home here in Harlem. This Week, Next Week… Whatever Interestingly enough, this week is called National Charter School Week — I mean, next week is called National Charter School Week, so a good way to herald National Charter School Week is come to a charter school, particularly one that’s working. Jeebus – “Dr. Kenny?” Mateo Myers introduces Dr. Kenny and introduces me. Mateo Myers. A Rose By Any Other Name So I said to a lot of the kids here at … Continue reading Your President Speaks!

Two Shots To The Gut

Once again, I don’t know what Wall Street is thinking – our economy is sucking wind. Consumers know it. Consumer confidence crumbled in April as rising gasoline prices undermined how Americans feel about the prospects for economic growth, a widely watched gauge of the economy showed on Tuesday. The New York-based Conference Board said its Consumer Confidence Index dropped to 104.0, in April, down from a revised 108.2 in March. Analysts had expected a reading of 105. The April reading was the lowest since August, when the index was at 100.2. The Present Situation Index, which measures how shoppers feel … Continue reading Two Shots To The Gut

ABC News and the Mud Huts of New Orleans

Wonkette posted this from ABC News catching the use of “mud hut”… What Wonkette didn’t mention is that if you look close you will see that “Mud Hut” is a homelikely in or near New Orleans given the ubiquitous X marking on the window and door (added: as Ray in New Orleans notes in comments here, in addition to search and rescue X markings there is the water line marks left from where flood waters settled–look above mailboxes ) … Nice ABC! Now if you could write about Bush’s failure to build Category 5 levees in New Orleans in regard … Continue reading ABC News and the Mud Huts of New Orleans

Scout’s Obsession with the GAO: WaPo, Norm, and Metrocheks…The scandal that shouldn’t rock DC

The number 2 story at WaPo online as I write this is about GAO testimony scheduled for today on scores of federal workers selling their transit tickets on the Internet. They receive the tickets as a perk of federal employment. I’m reading this and thinking well yes this isn’t right and yes it apparently is fraud to the tune of about $17 million but is this really that big of a deal? Only scores of GS-05’s or whatever GS level cashing in a perk on Ebay? Out of 300,000 employees? A Number 2 story? I mean what about this GAO … Continue reading Scout’s Obsession with the GAO: WaPo, Norm, and Metrocheks…The scandal that shouldn’t rock DC

Big Trouble In Little America

Sounds like the Maliki government is on the verge of collapse. A broad range of prominent Iraqi lawmakers say they have lost confidence in Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s ability to reconcile the country’s warring factions. A leading Kurdish lawmaker said al-Maliki should resign. Legislators from several parties told USA TODAY that al-Maliki lacks the support in parliament to push through laws, such as a plan to distribute oil revenues, that could reduce tensions between Sunnis and Shiites. Iraq’s parliament has failed to pass major legislation since a U.S.-led security plan began on Feb. 14. “He is a weak prime minister,” … Continue reading Big Trouble In Little America

Another Phrase Deleted From The War on Terra Dictionary

“Long War” Is Out When the Bush administration has sought to explain its strategy for fighting terrorism, it has often said the United States is involved in a “long war” against Islamic extremists. The phrase was coined by Gen. John P. Abizaid before he retired as head of the Central Command. It was intended to signal to the American public that the country was involved in a lengthy struggle that went well beyond the war in Iraq and was political as well as military. [snip] As it turned out, however, the long war turned out to be surprisingly short-lived, at … Continue reading Another Phrase Deleted From The War on Terra Dictionary

Marry Me, Craig

And not just because I read your list for the LOLZ: Q: Is Craigslist a threat to newspapers, as people say? Newmark: Not in a significant way. We do drain some revenue from some papers that rely on ads. But I have spoken to the industry analysts, and there is a bigger threat from the niche sites and niche papers. Sites like Monster are more of a threat because they suck away a lot more job ads. An even bigger threat is the pressure from Wall Street to get like 10 or 20 percent profit margins. Maybe papers should focus … Continue reading Marry Me, Craig

Big Picture

Josh Marshall’s must read today is on “getting the big picture of the administration’s effort to suppress the minority vote.” From TPMuckraker… The reason is plain. As we’ve seen, many Republicans, and Karl Rove in particular, are obsessed with “voter fraud” — the idea that minorities in Democratic strongholds are taking advantage of lax record systems to stuff the ballot. There’s evidence that at least two of the fired U.S. attorneys were let go because they did not pursue such prosecutions. But the obsession is nothing new; it’s one of the defining preoccupations of the Bush administration. The hysterical claims … Continue reading Big Picture

Feeling Safer?

Nope. More than half of Americans give President Bush 55% negative ratings on his performance in keeping the United States safe from terrorism and give the Department of Homeland Security a similar negative rating (56%) on its efforts. Nearly half of Americans (49%) believe the Bush administration has tipped the balance between personal security and personal freedom too far towards security, depriving the American people of too many freedoms, a new UPI/Zogby Interactive poll shows. [snip] More Americans said they feel less safe (42%) than safer (35%) from terrorism now compared to before the start of the Iraq war four … Continue reading Feeling Safer?

Your President Speaks! Again!

Today, in Washington, on Medicare Part D. The Stories Has Warmed His Heart The individual stories about people saving money and getting better health care has warmed my heart. Improving The Quality Of People And as we begin to think through solutions for Medicare, we ought to make sure that we remember the principles inherent in this Medicare reform that has worked for well for our seniors — and that principle is competition works, competition can lower price and improve the quality of people who are a beneficiary of such a plan. Continue reading Your President Speaks! Again!

I Love Cleolinda

Jesus I do: Violent movies and videogames do not make people violent. Violent people are attracted to violent media. Of course, so are many of the rest of us, just for different reasons. I ended up watching The Matrix about 46,000 times–at one point on a three-day loop–for the book, and I shot nobody. If you want to talk about warning signs, don’t look at the kid’s taste in movies or his literary output–look at those two things in the context of his real-life behavior, which was already disturbing his teachers and classmates. Stephen King? A folksy, personable guy in … Continue reading I Love Cleolinda


Answer in the comments. For yourselves, not for me. 1. Nobody kicks my little brother but me. 2. I have written someone a fan letter. 3. Flavored coffee is the devil. 4. I am secretly in love with a presidential candidate, but I fear being hurt again like Kerry/Dean/Clark/Kucinich/Gore hurt me, so I hide my love and am ashamed of it. 5. Shut UP, Bill Maher. 6. Han shot first. 7. I do things that frighten the living shit out of me, but they usually turn out okay. 8. Giving up is the one unpardonable sin. 9. Seinfeld is not … Continue reading True/False

Paint My Pony Red

Forget about the Red States, they are so over him. North Carolina: Fewer North Carolinians than ever approve of how President Bush is doing his job, including his handling of the economy and the Iraq war, according to a new poll from Elon University. The independent poll, released in part Friday, covered 476 adults across the state. Of them, only 36 percent expressed approval or strong approval of the president. Sixty-one percent said they disapprove or strongly disapprove. That’s the worst showing for Bush in the history of the poll, dipping below his previous worst of 41 percent approval in … Continue reading Paint My Pony Red