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Josh Marshall’s must read today is on “getting the big picture of the administration’s effort to suppress the minority vote.” From TPMuckraker…

The reason is plain. As we’ve seen, many Republicans, and Karl Rove in particular, are obsessed with “voter fraud”
— the idea that minorities in Democratic strongholds are taking
advantage of lax record systems to stuff the ballot. There’s evidence
that at least two of the fired U.S. attorneys were let go because they
did not pursue such prosecutions. But the obsession is nothing new;
it’s one of the defining preoccupations of the Bush administration. The
hysterical claims have led Republicans to push voter I.D. laws in
several swing states — efforts that have been backed by the White

Every time I’ve read one of TPM’s great posts on this I’ve been reminded of and meaning to write on remarks by Rep. Gwen Moore of Milwaukee at the 2005 Fighting Bob Fest IV in Wisconsin. Moore spoke about Wisconsin as being “ground zero for disenfranchising voters” most notably via state Republican efforts to pass voter ID laws. (as of 2005 WI Gov. Doyle had vetoed such a bill 3 times) But what struck me in her remarks was this tid bit from the then recently elected Moore…

She shared her meeting with Bush at the White House as an incoming freshman rep.“When I met George Bush in the White House he said…You, You, You’re the reason I lost WI. and I said YEAH!”

Bush’s telling remark opens a window on the big picture of which TPM speaks. Bush laid the blame for losing the swing state of WI on the African American vote in Milwaukee and he didn’t like it.

And something to think about is why was it that “You, You, You’re the reason” Moore and NOT white Rep Tammy Baldwin from white Madison WI who garnered all those white Democratic votes  was at fault for Bush’s loss of WI. Why not Baldwin and all those white middle class voters? It really speaks volumes on their targeting of African Americans for votes during the election (always a ridiculous notion that African Americans in Milwaukee were any more likely to vote for Bush than white Madisonians) and apparently now targeting that same group to not vote again in future elections. I think there is a word for that on both counts…

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  1. Two big voter ID bills are tearing up the Texas Legislature as we speak. One ups the ante on the ID requirement at the polling place, and the second (worse) bill makes it so remarkably difficult to register, it will absolutely kill voter reg drives.

  2. I’m writing from even whiter Stevens Point. The reason that Bush blamed Milwaukee and not Madison, is that the ID requirements wouldn’t markedly affect the vote in Madtown.
    To quote Mike Malloy, “God I hate these people!”

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