6 thoughts on “Bush Has One Joke

  1. I suspect this is a typical MSM distortion. Did anybody ask Eva what to put on the floor of the Volkshalle? Of course not. The designs for Americania are to be pure Dubya. He and Dickie need to get to work on the models in the basement while there is still time.

  2. well, this shows why he is ‘optomistic’ about history saying georgie was a ‘visionary’.
    half full glass? i don’t even think there’s a glass.

  3. Knowing that people walk on rugs, I would love to design the Shrub rug. I envision a series of scenes from his prezidencie – Like the “No Child” picture Holden put up earlier today.

  4. And that joke is named George W. bush. And the Supreme Court pulled it on all of us.

  5. A friend of mine pointed this out to me over the weekend. THe whole rug thing isn’t a joke to him–well, it is, but it’s indicative of his mind-set as well.
    This is a guy whose whole idea of decision-making is summed up in picking out a rug. Sending boys off to war is equal in his mind to picking out a rug. And both decisions can be delegated.

  6. Well, actually, he has two jokes: he also repeatedly uses public humiliation of an actual educated person, with the whole, “Look who’s the PhD, and look who’s the President” shtick. At least the rug one doesn’t involve him openly shitting on his underlings for a laugh.

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