Say It Anyway…

…51% of New Orleans is at or above sea level and the national interest requires its restoration.

Oyster has this from Jarvis DeBerry…

The Dutch, who once
considered New Orleans engineers to be the foremost authorities on
flood control, have since built flood protection systems they expect to
fail — at most — once every 10,000 years. And still they push to make
those systems more reliable. Our government officials emit a long, low
whistle when it’s pointed out how many billions it will take to really
protect New Orleans.*

When it comes to protecting this area,
we may never be able to persuade those who think they know it all that
it can be done. But we need to say it anyway. There are whole cities in
The Netherlands below sea level. Half of New Orleans isn’t. The fact
that we’re the ones more afraid of flooding means there’s something
wrong — with this country.

As Oyster points to… even Newt gets it but not Chimpy.Read the restand keep Saying It Anyway

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