Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Daytrips to the Mall

The Freepi know better than Pat Tillman’s family:

Here’s an interesting question:

You are a commander in hostile territory and soldier is accidentally killed by friendly fire. That soldier’s hot-tempered brother is a convoy behind the dead soldier’s.

Do you want to take the risk of telling a soldier who is already under incredible stress and strain that Billy over there just killed his big brother by mistake?

Does that sound like a scenario that will assist unit cohesion? Would it be better if the brother was informed right away and he snapped and killed another soldier or two?

This incident didn’t happen on a daytrip to the mall.

Kevin is proving that he is not able to control himself under pressure.

We are at war! They did not have to know the truth ever. How did it serve them to know that their son was shot accidentally? It only makes their pain worse. They have been led by the cowardly leftists to the point of making an issue out of it.

It’s only okay to alter or embellish the details behind a casualty when it involves John Kerry.

First, the Tillman’s came across nearly as lunatics. I’m not saying they didn’t encounter a terrible tragedy, but they really had the tin foil wrapped tightly.

How many times is the Tillman family going to waste my tax dollars on this non stop bitterness crap.
Yes the guy died of friendly fire , its sad to say but occurs often.
So, there bitterness over who told them when means they give the Dems another mud throwing session at the WH all for the 2008 election cycle.
The bitter mother and brother go around making wild accusations .
The Tillman family’s personal Dem oriented politics are now showing !
Enough is enough.

What’s amusing about the whole repulsive thread is that quite a few of the Freepers actually get creeped out by this kind of vitriol this time around (they had no problem when it was Cindy Sheehan, because she’s a woman and therefore even more fair game to them). I think the idea that the Bush era is ending is starting to sink in, and it’s like the last hours of the party before your parents come home: drink all the beer quick so you can roll the keg out the back and into Jimmy’s hatchback, try to shove the trash under the couch.


6 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Daytrips to the Mall

  1. “but they really had the tin foil wrapped tightly.”
    It’s like there was some sort of conspiracy or something.
    This is like watching the birds that shit on your car all week go smacking into your new plate-glass patio door.

  2. You now I’m reading John Dean’s Conservatives Without Conscience (at the recommendation of Joe Conason-Yeah I meet him! I’m a fan boy, what can I say) anyway it is REALLY interesting when Dean talks about the two types of people in the conservative movement of the Bush/Chaney/Rove world.
    He has research that back up the term:
    Right-wing Authoritarians or RWAs (note: there are NO left-wing authoritarians!) they are the followers.
    There are some leaders, who rank high on the Social Dominance Orientation scale, but most are followers. Then there is a combo of both, Double Highs. (p. 56-61)
    I’m reading it an thinking, “Yes! This is it! He cracked the code!” Now we just have to figure out a way to beat ’em!
    But the thing about going after Cindy Sheehan because she is a woman? They had to wait until another WOMAN took her on. Then it was okay (or at least didn’t seem unmanly) I think we should remember that. It is kind of like I can do jokes about Vulcan’s because I’m a Vulcan, but if you do, well then you are a specious person.
    And you know what? The next time they go after Muslims I’m not going to wait until the Muslims go after them. I’m going to to go after them because they are humans and they are are NOT the ones who are trying to kill us. The Terrorists are the bad guys. Just like the a person can be a killer and a Christian and I would want him locked up for our protection. But I’m not going To lump all Christians in a bag as killers. But I do reserve the right to chastise their leaders for not telling them not to attack abortion clinics and doctors who perform them.

  3. Interesting link. What I don’t get is how the respondents seem to jump on one (self-serving) question and ignore the other.
    1) Was it OK to hide the truth from the family – one of which was serving very near by. I could see some room for question here for not releasing all details simultaneously.
    2) Was it OK to use massive publicity of the known false details of the death – possibly to build support for the war (even knowing that he was against the war) and possibly to divert attention from the evolving details of the crimes committed at Abu Ghraib. If this were the US of A, I’d question if RICO applied.

  4. The satisfied Freepi pressed the “post” button, wiped the Cheeto dust from his fingers, and ran to his car to drive to the Army recruitment office.

  5. “Let’s not bicker and argue over who killed who, this is supposed to be a happy occasion.”
    I would be funnier if Shrubby hadn’t let New Orleans sink into the swamp.

  6. Secret knowlege is always kept from the public for the good of the country. Secret knowlege is always kept from the congregation for the good of the church.
    When the lies come to light, the authoritarian always blames the person who objects to being lied to, for doing the harm that they, themselves have done. Every commandment they claim to live by is systematically discarded for the greater good of maintaining power to the correct people.
    Weep, my country.

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