Your President Speaks!

Today, at the White House, in honor or Malaria Awareness Day.

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The Decider-Solver

Admiral Ziemer. So if you want to solve a problem, you put a problem solver in charge. And that’s what Admiral Ziemer does. He’s a problem solver.

Brazil And The United States Shares A Compassion About People

It makes it easier for me, when I say to other nations — like with President Lula. He came to visit at Camp David. We were trying to figure out ways we could work together to show our hemisphere and the world that Brazil and the United States shares a compassion about people.

Responsibility To Implementing A Strategy

To show that we’re a serious nation, we have named a coordinator, somebody in charge. It’s important for me and Laura to know that a good man is handling this responsibility to implementing a strategy.

Dead Man Walking

I appreciate very much the fact that the World Bank is taking the lead in eradicating poverty in places like Africa, and Paul Wolfowitz, thank you for your leadership of the World Bank.

Sorry Squire, I’ve Scratched The Record

When America sees suffering and know that our nation — when Americans see suffering and know that our nation can help stop it, they expect our government to respond.

The Admiral Has Got A Goal

I launched the President’s Malaria Initiative in 2005. Through this initiative, as Laura mentioned, we’re spending $1.2 billion over five years to provide bed nets and indoor spraying and anti-malaria medicine in 15 heavily effected African countries. We’re working toward a historic goal to cut the number of malaria-related deaths in country by half. The Admiral has got a goal.

Sounds Painful

During the first year of our initiative, we expanded malaria protection in more than 6 million Africans.

Good Effort Of This Strategy

A good effort of our — of this strategy comes from the Zanzibar islands off the east coast of Tanzania.

Offer Not Valid In Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon…

Every life matters to the American people. Every life is precious.

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