Scout’s Obsession with the GAO: WaPo, Norm, and Metrocheks…The scandal that shouldn’t rock DC

The number 2 story at WaPo online as I write this is about GAO testimony scheduled for today on scores of federal workers selling their transit tickets on the Internet. They receive the tickets as a perk of federal employment.

I’m reading this and thinking well yes this isn’t right and yes it apparently is fraud to the tune of about $17 million but is this really that big of a deal? Only scores of GS-05’s or whatever GS level cashing in a perk on Ebay? Out of 300,000 employees? A Number 2 story? I mean what about this GAO testimony released yesterday…“Stabilizing and Rebuilding Iraq: Conditions in Iraq Are Conducive to Fraud, Waste, and Abuse”? We’re talking BILLIONS with that.

But I kept reading the WaPo article because you know this is GAO stuff and so on page two I read this…

“The internal controls on this particular program are grossly
inadequate, and no one agency is responsible for overseeing or managing
the program — that is a recipe for disaster,”said Sen. Norm Coleman (Minn.),
the panel’s ranking Republican, who initiated the investigation. “It’s
not a case of someone being asleep at the switch; it’s a case of no one
being at the switch at all.” (my emphasis)


Wow that’s Republican oversight for ya. A $250 million dollar program with only scoresof abusers and we got ourselves “a recipe for disaster” that’s just almost at the very top of WaPo online and page A1 in the paper.

GAO did what they are suppose to do and good on them. Bad on Norm for asking. OK I must qualify that. Of course Norm can ask but it should have been freaking Number 619 on his list if he is really concerned about oversight and “recipes for disaster.” And WaPo… you owe Franken a front page story.

Now this admirer of the GAO is heading over to Watertiger’s place to pound her head on her desk.

2 thoughts on “Scout’s Obsession with the GAO: WaPo, Norm, and Metrocheks…The scandal that shouldn’t rock DC

  1. Well like Scout I love me some GAO I got to watch one of our GAO heros in the FDA hearings today. Just the kind of person you want looking over the industry. She sounded really tough, like the “Don’t mess with us” tough. I want her feeding data to some kind of group that could enforce some rules. What group is that?
    A group in government that will then get people in trouble with fines and jail terms? Who is that group?
    (actually seriously, who is that?)

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