ABC News and the Mud Huts of New Orleans

Wonkette posted this from ABC News catching the use of “mud hut”…


What Wonkette didn’t mention is that if you look close you will see that “Mud Hut” is a homelikely in or near New Orleans given the ubiquitous X marking on the window and door (added: as Ray in New Orleans notes in comments here, in addition to search and rescue X markings there is the water line marks left from where flood waters settled–look above mailboxes ) …


Nice ABC! Now if you could write about Bush’s failure to build Category 5 levees in New Orleans in regard to that whole “How to Protect Yourself” thingee

Added: Do I really need to say it wouldn’t be the bottom dropping out of the housing market that made it “difficult to unload” the “mud hut” when the owner was errr “ready to make a move” BUT the bottom having dropped out of the failed federal levees?

Yeah I guess I do need to say it.

8 thoughts on “ABC News and the Mud Huts of New Orleans

  1. We people who live in mud huts are gonna start throwing some stones.
    F’n idiots.

  2. Funny thing about having 5 or 6 feet of lake water in your house, it tends to muddy it up a bit. (See the scum mark, about chest high?)
    The federal levee system: “We put the ‘mud’ in ‘mud huts’!”

  3. How ’bout them folks living in glass houses, ABC – like Alan Greenspan, Mr. “New Mortage Products are Great!!”???? Or folks living in a White House, the facilitator of all those “mud huts”? Maybe you’d want to report on that?
    Why don’t they just say “Those darkies living in their mud huts just can’t handle their mortgage payments. Must be too lazy.”
    Holy fuckinoly.

  4. Racist much? Holy cow, the next thing they’re going to be saying is that if you chase a tiger around a tree fast enough, it’ll turn into butter.

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