Paint My Pony Red

Forget about the Red States, they are so over him.

North Carolina:

Fewer North Carolinians than ever approve of how President Bush is doing his job, including his handling of the economy and the Iraq war, according to a new poll from Elon University.
The independent poll, released in part Friday, covered 476 adults across the state. Of them, only 36 percent expressed approval or strong approval of the president. Sixty-one percent said they disapprove or strongly disapprove.
That’s the worst showing for Bush in the history of the poll, dipping below his previous worst of 41 percent approval in October 2005.
Survey USA has some new Red State numbers as well.
37% approve
58% disapprove
38% approve
59% disapprove

38% approve
59% disapprove

38% approve
59% disapprove
40% approve
56% disapprove
37% approve
58% disapprove
Then we have the states two Bush barely won in 2004:


34% approve
62% disapprove

New Mexico:

34% approve
63% disapprove

8 thoughts on “Paint My Pony Red

  1. As John Bolton told Jon Stewart, the President works for the ones who voted for him.
    Which either means he’s working for a diminishing number of people, or the ones who voted for him are now considered “suckers” by the White House.

  2. As John Bolton told Jon Stewart, the President works for the ones who voted for him: Words to fight by.
    Great Post Holden! These are the numbers that impress pols and can put more pressure Congress to act as one against Bushco
    GOPers fear for survival will drum some common sense into those noggins.

  3. Never before in our history have so many owed such an apology to the nation. If I had voted for Bush I would be wearing a hair shirt and sandals, donating my money to charity, and serving the poor in any way I could. I would belong to Bushies Anonymous. You would see me on street corners with a sandwitch board saying, “Repent all ye sinners, who voted for Bush”.

  4. These would be encouraging numbers if George W Bullshit were running for reappointment. But he’s not. Some other GOP yahoo will get the priests and ministers to turn out the vote for him because they’d like to have a beer with him and he’s a godly man and they hates them some Hillary.

  5. Would love to see those numbers for Idaho, Montana and Utah – there still seems to be KoolAid in the water supply in those states.

  6. have any ANY of the republikkkans running made any movements away from georgie?
    i suppose that would be for after the nominations.

  7. Hi Pansy,
    That is exactly what we can’t let them do. They voted in lockstep. They rubber stamped Georgie. Don’t let them move 1 micron away.

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