2 thoughts on “RIP: David Halberstam

  1. Sigh. I really dug “Summer Of ’49”. I have “October ’64” but never read it. Maybe I should now.
    Halberstam and Yeltsin make for a very peculiar odd couple at the Pearly Gates.

  2. Read, read, READ “October 1964”. It is excellent.
    Other good Halberstam stuff: “The Children”, about the Civil Rights movement. “The Best And The Brightest”. “The Powers That Be”. “The Reckoning”. “The Fifties”. “Firehouse”. “The Teammates”.
    I can see Halberstam now, taking the opportunity to interview Yeltsin. He’s unfortunately got all the time in the world and then some, now.
    Rest in peace, Mr H.

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