The GOP, in Wisconsin and Elsewhere, is Anti-Democracy

This is by design:  The bill includes plans to lower voter turnout by adding a third statewide election in the spring of 2020, even though it will cost taxpayers millions of additional dollars and local election officials have come out strongly against it. They want to make it harder to vote early, which will cost taxpayers millions more in legal costs. They want to take control of state economic development away from the governor’s office. They want to replace the elected attorney general with private attorneys hired by the legislative branch at additional expense to taxpayers. Is this democracy at work? I … Continue reading The GOP, in Wisconsin and Elsewhere, is Anti-Democracy

Go Tell That Midnight Rider

Don’t like the election results? Neuter them:  The lame duck legislation would, for example, prevent Mr. Evers from fulfilling a campaign promise to take Wisconsin out of a multistate lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act. It will also diminish the governor’s control over the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, a scandal-ridden public-private agency created by Mr. Walker to foster job creation, by giving the legislature an equal number of appointees to the board as the governor and revoking the governor’s power to appoint the board’s chief executive. In 2011 the country ignored what was happening in Wisconsin, as a gerrymandered minority-majority … Continue reading Go Tell That Midnight Rider

You Can Run On For a Long Time

I thought of Sue and Kim this morning:  They were standing by a lamp post, this middle-aged couple. They could have been my parents, in another life. They could have been yours. Sue and Kim. He retired after 33 years working for the state. She still worked for the state, on a temporary contract that kept getting extended. They’d had pay freezes for half a dozen years, when they didn’t have pay cuts. They weren’t getting wealthy on their pensions. They weren’t sporting $60 haircuts. They lived in a small town. They were trying to hold on to what they … Continue reading You Can Run On For a Long Time

Go Tell That Long Tongue Liar

I voted last week, voted early, to get it out of the way and not have to worry about getting up early or staying out late. I’m coming to the end of a serious hell-period at work and Mr. A is leaving tonight for a week overseas, and the time change is fucking with Kick’s sleep in a way it never has before, and it didn’t seem sensible to leave this to chance. I didn’t expect it to make me feel like a superhero or anything. I’ve been in the streets every other weekend, family beside me, against misogyny and … Continue reading Go Tell That Long Tongue Liar

Someone Told People to Resent Others

This thread is worth reading, referencing as it does the ongoing “resentment politics” that have devastated Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: 5. Weirdly, it’s not usually straight-up bigotry. It’s more like “those people don’t have their shit together, so we gotta pay the bills.” — Daniel Schultz (@pastordan) June 20, 2017 As I keep saying, people do not independently come to the conclusion that all minorities are T-bone buying welfare cheats dragging on the system and burning down the ‘hood. Someone TELLS them that. We can’t just accept that outlook as the reality and address it with policy without squarely facing who … Continue reading Someone Told People to Resent Others

Promises, Promises

My dad held very few points of pride when it came to things he did or didn’t do. He never smoked at all, he doesn’t “owe anyone anything” when it comes to financial concerns and he didn’t make a promise he didn’t think he could keep. “If I said we’re going to do something, we did it,” he always told me. “If I said ‘No,’ I meant ‘No.” If it was ‘Maybe,’ anything could happen. But if I said we’re doing it, we did it unless something really changed the situation.” He wasn’t kidding. I asked to go to my … Continue reading Promises, Promises

UW to Scott Walker: They call them cuts because they hurt and make you bleed

Last night was a first for me in my time at my current university: I got an email from a parent. In all of my previous stops, parental “engagement” ranged from the somewhat common to the fairly frequent. I had received calls from parents who wanted to protest a grade, argue about the amount of work I was assigning their precious snowflake or make sure that I knew the child was REALLY sick and needed to be excused from class. In some cases, the calls were polite and helpful while others smacked of entitlement. (In one case, I was told, … Continue reading UW to Scott Walker: They call them cuts because they hurt and make you bleed

Fun with statistics: Scott Walker Edition

The old adage goes that there are three types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. In the wake of yet another “no confidence” vote against Gov. Scott Walker’s handpicked board of cronies regents and his “please don’t hit me, I won’t burn the roast again” system president, Ray Cross, Ol’ Deadeyes came out swinging this week. In advance of the UW-Milwaukee vote on a no-confidence measure, Walker issued a press release that was packed with numbers and data to show that faculty are out-of-touch crybabies who lack a sense of reality. He then peppered it with a couple great … Continue reading Fun with statistics: Scott Walker Edition

Bring Out the Dead

We can’t let the corpses lie quiet when there are strip malls need building, you know:  Madison— Landowners could excavate and possibly develop some of the surviving Indian mounds of Wisconsin — many dating back more than a millennium — under legislation by two lawmakers. The bill from Sen. Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield) and Rep. Robert Brooks (R-Saukville) would shift the balance of state law more toward private property rights and away from the preservation of one of the state’s unusual features. The earthen burial mounds, shaped like bears, deer, panthers, birds and people, can stretch hundreds of feet in length … Continue reading Bring Out the Dead

You can’t have it both ways: Statehouse Edition

I have seen this interaction take place quite a bit over the years and it usually involves a child, a parent and a purchase. Child: “I want this and that.” Parent: “That’s $10. You only have five. You have to choose.” Child: “But I want them both!” Parent: “But you don’t have enough money.” Child: “Can’t you just give me $5 more?” Parent: “No, but if you promise to (insert semi-painful, menial home task, like cutting the lawn or resurfacing the driveway) when we get home, I’ll give you the $5 then and you can come back and buy it.” … Continue reading You can’t have it both ways: Statehouse Edition

Please Welcome Back to the Stage… SCOTT WALKER!

Everyone from Steven Colbert to the local radio DJs has been enjoying the recent withdraw of Scott Walker from the presidential race. Perhaps the best one was Seth Meyers’ recent poke in which he noted that Walker’s next job would be as the photo in the dictionary next to the word “duuuuuhhhhh.” Walker, however, had a different job in mind: Coming back to Wisconsin to continue fucking up this great state. However, to try to garner more support and to convince people he wasn’t just a shitty bobble head programmed to say only three phrases, he’s working on his new … Continue reading Please Welcome Back to the Stage… SCOTT WALKER!

Watching Scotty Blow It

Other that to say I told you so about the political silly season, I can’t really top what Athenae, Ed Kilgore, and Charlie Pierce have said about Scott Walker’s exit. I am, however, disappointed that Charlie didn’t use Watching Scotty Blow It as the title for his post, so I stole it. It’s Tom Petty larceny at worst: Continue reading Watching Scotty Blow It

How Dare Those Unions Politicize Scott Walker’s Political Failures!

  Why can’t they allow the man a little peace, right?  Labor tap-dances on Walker’s political grave His longtime foes are delighted by his political misfortune Are anyone’s longtime foes not delighted by that person’s misfortune? If Walker was a flaming liberal and he GOT LESS THAN ONE PERCENT IN A NATIONAL POLL, would Republicans be accused of tap-dancing on his grave then? Or would there be sober think-pieces in which Republicans were quoted as saying they’d seen this coming all along and if only he had listened to them? I mean, organized labor was proved fucking right here, and … Continue reading How Dare Those Unions Politicize Scott Walker’s Political Failures!

When Gov. Deadeyes Met The Gret Stet Fuhrer Wannabe

The post title is a bit of a stretch: they weren’t in the same studio and Walker was merely Baby Deadeyes at that point. He didn’t become Governor until 2011, but y’all know I have a weakness for a snappy headline. So it goes. I apparently missed this the first time it popped up at Uppity Wisconsin in 2011. I barely even noticed it at TPM because of the overkill coverage of the 3 hour GOP sludge fest. The year is 1992, Dukkke was trying to get on the ballot for the Republican Presidential primary. Baby Deadeyes was there as a representative … Continue reading When Gov. Deadeyes Met The Gret Stet Fuhrer Wannabe

Politicians Have too LITTLE Power in Wisconsin Government, Apparently

Scott Walker agreed to take a pic w/this guy whose sign said “Walker 4 president,” but then he flipped it around… — Sabrina Siddiqui (@SabrinaSiddiqui) August 3, 2015 This is like giving whiskey and  car keys to 17-year-olds and then, when they wrap the Bronco around the neighbor’s tree, giving them more whiskey and a speedboat: Madison — Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans who control the Legislature plan to restructure the agency that runs elections by the fall of 2016, when Walker hopes to top the ballot as a candidate for president. GOP lawmakers also plan to rewrite campaign finance laws for … Continue reading Politicians Have too LITTLE Power in Wisconsin Government, Apparently

Scott Walker’s Lex Luthor Party

One thing we have to do immediately is prosecute whistleblowers:  The state budget passed this week by the Legislature repeals a law that encourages whistle-blowers with evidence of Medicaid fraud to come forward. Wisconsin has recovered millions of dollars from lawsuits initiated by whistle-blowers since the law was enacted in 2007. The repeal of the law — no more than a few words and a reference to a section in the state statute — was included in an omnibus motion on Medicaid by the Joint Finance Committee and drew little attention. There were no hearings or even public discussion by … Continue reading Scott Walker’s Lex Luthor Party

Understanding Tenure

This might be the last post I’m able to accomplish for quite some time. I’m not sure what the future holds, now that the UW Regents brought to you by Carl’s Jr…. er… Scott Walker have failed to fight back against the plan to eliminate the state statute that protects professorial tenure. Those who have supported this move in the statehouse, especially Alberta Darling, whose name is an anagram for “Blaring Alert Ad,” have said this isn’t the elimination of tenure. Instead, it’s simply moving it from the state law to the regents’ control, so it’s the same basic thing. … Continue reading Understanding Tenure

Being a Girl Scout Prepared Me for the Coming Apocalypse, Too

Scott Walker and the Not Quite Ready for Primetime Players Theater Present: The Male Palin!  According to the video, the final question Hewitt asked Walker was, “Does the prospect of being commander in chief daunt you? Because the world that you describe when you’re talking about safety is going to require a commitment to American men and women abroad, obviously at some point. How do you think about that?” Walker first acknowledged, “That’s an appropriate question.” “As a kid, I was in Scouts. And one of the things I’m proudest of when I was in Scouts is I earned the … Continue reading Being a Girl Scout Prepared Me for the Coming Apocalypse, Too

Chachi Loves Governor Deadeyes

I wonder who’ll get the crucial Pottsy and Ralph Malph endorsements? Scott Baio — who played Chachi Arcola in “Happy Days” and its spinoff “Joanie Loves Chachi,” as well as the protagonist of “Charles in Charge” — tweeted his praise for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is mulling a presidential run in 2016. “Gov. Walker sounds a lot like President Reagan. #WalkerFor Pres,” the tweet read, with a picture of the actor posing alongside Walker. Walker tweeted back Wednesday, writing: “Thanks! We both love Reagan, I’m flattered,” along with the hashtag #ChachiandWalkerLoveReagan. This is not the first time that Baio, … Continue reading Chachi Loves Governor Deadeyes

Gotcha first

I found myself agreeing with Scott Walker for the first time in a long time about a week or two ago. Normally that would scare me, but to be fair, I came to this conclusion on my own and first. Walker had been in New York, courting the super-rich in hopes of being our dumbest president ever, when Rudy Giuliani decided to tell the world what every half-wit drunk uncle says at Thanksgiving: Obama hates America and he’s probably not a Christian. Giuliani deserved the shitstorm that came his way, but for utterly predictable reasons, the media ran to Walker … Continue reading Gotcha first

Walker: Not Being Mean to Immigrants No Longer an Option

Shorter Scott Walker: I have a primary filled with hate-crazed howler monkeys to win, don’t you know?  Undocumented immigrants: Host Chris Wallace said to Walker: “But you said you supported” comprehensive reform. Walker: “And my view has changed. I’m flat out saying it. I’m — candidates can say that. Sometimes they don’t.” Wallace: “So, you’ve changed from 2013?” Walker: “Absolutely. I look at the problems we’ve experienced for the last few years. I’ve talked to governors on the border and others out there. I’ve talked to people all across America.” “I’ve talked to my potential primary voters, Chris, and I’m … Continue reading Walker: Not Being Mean to Immigrants No Longer an Option

GOP Don’t Care

Neil Heinen, ladies and gentlemen:   What is most disturbing is the image…the image of three Republican state legislators being escorted by security past protestors at the State Capitol Tuesday evening. And once again the nation watches news from Wisconsin and wonders what is going on in that state? It’s hard to imagine this is the impression Republicans are hoping will convince people to invest in Wisconsin. But by once again ram-rodding divisive policy through the legislature and short-circuiting the public-hearing process, lawmakers have created an atmosphere of frustration and anger. Frankly the suggestion that the protests were a public safety … Continue reading GOP Don’t Care

Credible Threats to Wisconsin Republicans

Stupendous pussies run away from the possibility of dissent:  MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Republicans on the state Senate’s labor committee ended a public hearing on contentious right-to-work legislation early and sent it on to the full Senate Tuesday, enraging dozens of people who had been waiting all day to speak and sparking a demonstration in front of the Senate chamber. The daylong hearing began at 10 a.m. Sen. Stephen Nass, a Whitewater Republican and the committee’s chairman, had planned for it to last until 7 p.m. But around 6:20 p.m. he announced he was ending the hearing due to what … Continue reading Credible Threats to Wisconsin Republicans

Right to Work in the Passive Voice

So Scotty’s doing what everybody knew he’d do: This week, the right-to-work debate moves front and center in Wisconsin. With Republicans in the Legislature aiming to fast-track a bill to Gov. Scott Walker’s desk, they’re following a playbook that has been executed in other GOP-led states in the upper Midwest. In early 2012, just before the Super Bowl came to Indianapolis, then-Gov. Mitch Daniels signed a right-to-work law in Indiana. Later that year, it was Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s turn to hand a stinging defeat to organized labor. And now, it’s on to Wisconsin, where the labor battle has come … Continue reading Right to Work in the Passive Voice

Sweeping up after Governor Deadeyes

I wonder what it’s like working on Gov. Scott Walker’s staff these days. It has to be a heady time to be with a man who suddenly rocketed to the front of the Republican party’s conga line for the presidential nomination. The guy survived three elections in four years, a series of protests comparable to the Vietnam War outrage and is now looked upon as a conservative media darling. He essentially controls the whole state, as the Republicans dominate the State Legislature and every Democratic gambit since his election in 2010 has failed to slow his roll. He’s the son … Continue reading Sweeping up after Governor Deadeyes

Odds & Sods: Bubbling Up Edition

the-who odds--sods

I’m back to that whole in the Carnival bubble thing, which I actually like. It means that one doesn’t have to spend too much time thinking about the outside world, but there are a few things on my mind and as J Danforth Quayle once said, “a mind is a terrible thing to lose.”

But before I natter on after the break, here’s a musical interlude from Paul Simon:

Continue reading “Odds & Sods: Bubbling Up Edition”

In Which a Badger Mauls Walker

Sharplessssss:  John Sharpless, a former Republican candidate for Congress and who teaches history at UW, voiced his frustration on Friday over the belief that professors aren’t working hard enough. He said he arrives no later than 9 a.m. and leaves no earlier than 5 p.m.  During that time, he said he’s either teaching, preparing lectures, doing research, attending required committee meetings, advising students and managing teaching assistants. Sharpless added that he often spends his evenings reading and grading papers. “None of this seems like work to a guy like Walker because he lives a different life,” he said.  “And I’m not going … Continue reading In Which a Badger Mauls Walker

Shorter Scott Walker to the UW System: Let them eat cake

The University of Wisconsin System is now facing a 13 percent budget cut over the next two years, thanks to Scott Walker’s desire to balance the budget. The budget was put in crisis for some utterly known reason:   March 24, 2014– Lowering taxes for the third time in less than a year, Gov. Scott Walker signed his $541 million tax cut bill in a ceremony Monday at a farm in Cecil as he travels through central and northern Wisconsin touting it. Speaking at Horsens Homestead Farms, about 35 miles northwest of Green Bay, Walker called it a great day … Continue reading Shorter Scott Walker to the UW System: Let them eat cake